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The Xperia acro S has been hanging out in the Sony online store for a few weeks marked as coming soon, and today it goes on sale for $599.99 unlocked. 

Just as a reminder, the Xperia acro S is a solid mid-range phone with respectable (if not top-of-the-line) specs. 

  • 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 display
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor and 1 GB of RAM
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 11.9 mm thin
  • 12.1 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • Waterproof coating

You can get a quick glimpse of the device over here in our hands-on time at IFA, or dive into the official product page. The Xperia acro S definitely looks like a high-grade piece of equipment, but how many people will realistically be buying it unlocked? How much longer will it be until we hear some carrier announcements? Would any of you be interested in picking this one up if it was subsidized? 

Anyone with the coin can pick up the Sony Xperia acro S online here with black and white models available. 


Reader comments

Sony Xperia acro S now available unlocked in the U.S.


why would you label this as mid-range? Seems pretty awesome to me. Admittedly, I like a bigger screen but I wouldn't classify this as mid-range. Any word on if this a S4 or S3 processor? Thinking it's probably the aforementioned.

It's HARD to beat an unlocked Galaxy Nexus for any non-LTE Android phone. This phone, while nice, doesn't offer that much over the GNex (aside from the nicer camera).

With that said, stop fooling around Sony and get us the Xperia T on AT&T with LTE. If rumors are to be believed, the next Nexus phone is going to be made by HTC and come with a 5 inch screen. Thanks but no thanks. This would seal the deal for me to get the Xperia T.

Older S3 Processor? Might as well get the ION for $99(or much less). Seriously, Sony needs to get some version of the Xperia T here in the US.

"OMG, its processor is one generation old, so this can't be worth the packaging it comes in."

Really, guys? These are really high-end specs. I've heard many people complain that all the high-end Android phones have screens that are too big for them. For someone who wants a high-quality display (that pixel density is killer) and an otherwise great phone off-contract, this is a great option.

I recently bought an Ultrabook with a Sandy Bridge processor, even though Ivy Bridge models were available. I did so because the one I got has great hardware but kept the weight below 3 lbs. That was a more important factor to me than the CPU generation, so that's what I went with. Similarly, someone with small hands and/or pockets might want this phone despite its slightly outdated processor.

I'd agree with you except that the S4 is much much easier on your battery life compared to the S3. I know this from first hand experience from owning smartphones that uses both these SoC, not just comparing specs.