Tablet, or phone, or both? We'll know soon enough.

Mobile World Congress

Sony has posted a short teaser for their Mobile World Congress event, telling us we'll get to see "something extraordinary" on February 24. 

We've seen the Xperia Z2 leaked, and plenty of leaks and tips of the new Z2 tablet are out there, so either or both is a safe bet. Both look quite nice, and should do well with the growing number of Sony Android fans out there.

Whatever it is, you know we'll be there live to check it out when they give the world the first look. Keep it locked on AC for everything Mobile World Congress!

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Sony teases 'Something Extraordinary' on Feb. 24


Can't wait. If it's slightly smaller than the lg g pro 2 and waterproof with stamina mode, I may be getting another Sony phone. I just hope it has an unlocked bootloader.

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Love the build quality on my Xperia Z1s. Never thought I'd say this, but this phone has made me a huge Sony fan. I also think Sony has the most tastefully done skin on top of Android.

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Yea, I had the z and my wife still has hers. I think her next phone is the z1s. It's such a nice phone. They perfected everything about the z and made it better and more waterproof.

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It honestly doesn't bother me. I get it, big bezels are unattractive, but it's actually really nice to use.

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I have the Z. Not fussed about the bezels. I always favor functionality over aesthetics. Size wise it is the upper limit of what fits in my hand. Sony FTW
The reason why sony won't gain massive sales, despite awesome hardware and software is simply because their marketing budget is tiny compared to the likes of Samsung

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I think the bezel actually adds to the aesthetics. It makes the phone look different. And it's actually really comfortable to hold and use in my opinion.

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On the same day as galaxy s5 announcement? press coverage of the next galaxy will eclipse the Xperia announcement. It better happen before the Samsung event

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Sony doesn't know how to market their devices or create 'catchy' product promotion.
Look at the Samsung teaser vs this one. You know which teaser is making more news. it's not just about a product, it's also about presenting it properly.

Hey Jerry care to speculate any possibility of the proposed Phone or Tab making it Stateside? Both devices cleared thru the FCC with Basically every LTE band except for Sprint's. Just would like your thoughts, Thnx.

So I was at a T-Mobile store today and they sales man said hey wait to buy a new phone and or tablet because Sony has some new ones in the system to be available soon. I asked Like what and he just said wait til after the 24th. I'm assuming both tablet and phone but was still vague

gifting awesomness note 3 style

take my money already! really hope for a tablet z2. The tablet Z kinda feels too old to buy new now with all the 2014 tablets coming out, and i really need a new tablet (my old Android 2.2 archos does NOT cut it anymore).

Sony made a tablet with a pen and phone calls? That would be extraordinary and a waited one because now only Samsung has it (Note 10.1 /12.2).

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I got the z1s. Z2 will be great but I'm cool with my purchase knowing this phone is right around the corner

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