Sony SmartWatch Update Sony SmartWatch Update

The Sony SmartWatch controller app is receiving an update that brings several new flashy watch faces and increased functionality to the accessory. The new watch faces cover all the bases -- analog, digital, abstract -- and come in different colors as well. The update also brings improved battery level information, notification previews from your device and improvements to search when looking for new apps for the SmartWatch.

The app should also now be easier to get installed on non-Sony devices, which is a plus. If you happen to be using a Sony SmartWatch, you can grab a download or update to the app at the top of this post.

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Sony SmartWatch update brings seven new watch faces, notification previews


've been debating this vs. the Pebble, which I have preordered. My biggest concern with the Sony is that it needs to be charged every day because of the color screen. The Pebble only needs to be charged once a week.

The charging-every-day thing is an issue, agreed.

But it's a fairly minor issue.

If my phone only required charging every 3 or 4 days, but my SmartWatch had to be changed every day, it would be close to a dealbreaker.

But, I put my phone on the charger every night anyway so, while I'm there, I stick my SmartWatch on the charger as well.

To me, the most annoying problem with my SmartWatch is the fact that it's not fully waterproof.

It's "Splash Resistant". But, take it into the shower with you on accident, and you'll fry it (I know this for a fact - I fried one. Oops).

So, the charging-every-night thing actually kind of works out. When I get in the shower in the morning, I'm not wearing my SmartWatch - because it's out on the charger stand, with my phone.

I received my Pebble on February 7 and Buy the Sony Smartwatch February 15.
We can do nothing with the Pebble, only see the last notification (if you have 3 notif at same time you only see the last) and it erased after 3 min and you can't review it.
My Pebble last 5 days. Other users last 1, 2 or 3 days.
There are 0 apps for Pebble at this time and no SDK to develop some app.
There are all you want on the Sony and the screen is really very more pleasant. Just black or white on Pebble and not very readable. So apps be very poor.
I can works 2 or 3 days with the Sony. On the Pebble you do noting because there are nothing to do without app, so we can't know how time it last if you use it ? At this time you must charge Sony 3 at week and Pebble 2 at week, not huge difference.
This update for the Sony is very interesting with the preview of notification ;)

I love my Sony smart watch, I ware it daily and tbh its the spot on size for me personally. My Sony smart watch dose everything I need it to and discreetly. I just think the pebble is to big.

Anyone else's watch having a problem staying connected to the phone after this update? Sometimes the connected/disconnected notification on the phone doesn't even show up. Other times the phone will say it is connected but the watch has the red squiggly line saying it is not. And I'm not getting any notifications in either instance. Everything worked great before the update.

I have also some problem with the BT connection and no problem before this update. I hope an update of this update....

I really love my Sony watch, I just wish it was thinner like the pebble. Your charge should last you 4 days mine does.

1. Double tap to activate the display no longer works reliably. This is a REAL nuisance. It used to work EVERY TIME. You now have to use the Power button to get the time to display. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED URGENTLY.
2. Sort Widgets/Applications is not working properly. You can now only only drag an app/widget to the top of the list. You used to be able to drag it to any position. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.
3. New watch faces are a great improvement, BUT the Digits display option could have a lot more information on the screen, such as the FULL date including the day of the week, and battery status for Watch AND Phone.
4. Why can't we have the option for ANY face to include the date WITH the month and day of week. There would seem to be no reason why this could not be an extra tickbox.
5. Even better, also give us the option to select any colour for any face.
6. Why can't we choose the activation method for each face.