Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony has told us today what the Xperia Z2 Tablet is going to cost here in the U.S. The 10.1-inch premium tablet will cost $500 for the 16GB version or $600 for the 32GB version for Wifi-only models. This lines up closely with the £399 and £449 price we've seen for the United Kingdom.

Sony also made note that they plan to offer some accessories specially designed for the Z2 Tablet. These will include a Bluetooth keyboard with NFC, a magentic charging dock, and protective cases with integrated stands.

For more information, check Sony's product page here.

Update: We now have Canadian pricing for the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet: $529.99 for the 16GB version, and $599.99 for the 32GB version, both available for pre-order from Sony's Canadian store


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Sony sets base US pricing for Xperia Z2 Tablet at $499.99


Lol, once you get to that territory you'd be better off with a laptop or a couple Chromebooks....

I thought this was the going price for a premium tablet? Why the shock?

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Because Android tablets priced on par with the iPad have NEVER sold in appreciable quantities. Not even Samsung's. The best selling tablets have always been the more moderately priced models.

Same people that wont buy a $499 iPad, cost is an issue for them. Sony does put out premium devices, since the walkman lol

I like Android as much as the next fan, but if I'm going to pay "premium" dollars for a tablet, I'm probably going to just bite the bullet and get the defacto standard tablet. The ipad. The tablet app ecosystem is hands down better on IOS from a consumer perspective. Plus if I'm spending laptop quantities of money, I'm going to want something with longevity, so again: ipad. If I'm going to spend $600, I might even consider getting a win8 tablet laptop hybrid deal.

For me, "premium" Android hardware is a tough sell. This is a VERY nice tablet but I find it hard to justify spending that much money. Especially since KitKat gimped SD Card usage (I don't remember if this one has an SD slot though)

I don't get it either, this is by far one of the nicest Android tablets you can buy. I wish they would make an LTE version for T-Mobile.

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Again, a tablet is $100 or more cheaper than a smartphone, doesn't make any sense at all!!! Smartphones should be much less than tablets.

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Smartphones have more miniaturized components. Making small electronics is typically more expensive than making large electronics.

Everyone needs a phone, not everyone needs a tablet. Companies can charge more for the device everyone needs.

My $250 LG G Pad 8.3 from Newegg with kitkat is doing a fine job, smooth, fast, with a fantastic screen. What is Sony thinking here. Now same tablet can be had from for $229.

I also have this same tablet, it's a great device.

Sony's tablet is bigger, has water resistance, and is priced with other premium quality tablet competition (iPad air, Samsung 10.1 note). While I personally would not spend $500 on a a tablet I certainly understand the market for these. I'm very happy with my G Pad 8.3 which was like 60% less expensive. I also had a couple 10" tablets and knew the 8" size would be much more to my liking.

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This is just Sony being Sony, really. I'm actually suprised they aren't trying to charge more.

I own the 32gb WiFi version of this tablet, and I think they've got the pricing right for what it offers. I'd been waiting for the new Nexus 10 but the Sony ticked all the right boxes for me. Whilst I toyed with the idea of an iPad, I just find iOS far too restrictive, and I just get on better with Android.

The Sony has a LOT to offer. It's thinner/lighter than an iPad, water proof (more useful than you might think), has an SD card, kit kat (with no heavy branding/overlay) etc. This feels like a premium product.

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Well, if I had a choice between overpriced Sony and overpriced whatever, I would still go for whatever. Apart from that I still remember Sony's involvement in patent war against Google... No go for me...

Not sure why everyone is surprised? This is how much the original Z tablet cost when it came out.

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I actually bought a tablet z for $380 about a month and a half after it came out. You can find used ones now for as little as $200. Sony actually is very good about putting their stuff on sale. MSRP on their products is generally a tad high, but you can almost always find a sale. That being said, if this was priced at $400 MSRP, it would be a day one purchase for me. Sony and Motorola are the only ones who seem to understand and respect Google's intent with Android software. And they are making the most versatile/ well thought out hardware as well. I really hope this is officially released in the US within the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of ebay bucks burning a hole in my pocket and am close to importing one for $511. I just really want to wait for a sale.

Yeah, I'm not sure why people bash Sony's software when it's probably the closest you're gonna get to vanilla Android aside from Motorola of course. I find it to be the perfect mix between vanilla Android and a custom skin. It's not intrusive at all. I actually think that Sony's UI is kind of what vanilla Android should be. But that's just my 2 cents Haha I think the price is just fine. It's a top of the line tablet. You're not gonna get much better for the price.

I still prefer most of the icon designs of stock android. However, Sony's walkman and Videos apps are my favorite music and video players from any developer. I also really like Sony's themes. The one thing that really needs to be adopted by stock android is multi-window support, even if only two at a time. If it is done by stock or near stock android, performance won't be as inconsistent as it is on Samsung products.

Are they serious? What does this do? Can it run android and ios together?

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The price is what was expected -- same as last year.

It's a very nice Android tablet. Nicer still, now that they're ditching the plastic film.

Sony is indeed one of the premiere smartphone manufacturers in the world and they continue to be. With the release of the Sony Xperia Z2, they make the public go crazy about their latest model and I bet the features and functions are superb.

That price is so 2010-2011 for a tablet lower cost 7 to 10 inch tablets are what ppl buy now

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The price gives me pause. I got burned by Sony with the Tablet S (and I'm a Sony fanboy even). I'ts got the front facing speakers which I demand in my next tablet. Tough call.

Just wait for a sale. All of these tablets go on sale eventually and Sony has been overall great about them in the past year or so. Hec, you can get Ipad Airs for less than $400 new with a little effort and the Galaxy Note 2014 refurbished for around $350 to $375 already.

Where can you get an Air for under $400. Just curious. I want to pick one up. I've seen a few close deals but $419 is about the best I've seen.

A while back Target offered a $50 gift card with purchase of the Air and Best Buy had it on sale for $450 the same week. You could have gone to target and price matched best buy's price and gotten it for $450 + $50GC - 5% off w/ red card(if you have one) + tax. Another website had the Ipad Air 16GB for $399 a little while ago, shoprightdelivers, I believe. If you are seeing $420 straight up from a reputable site with a good return policy, and you are dead set on an Ipad Air and can't utilize more than 16GB of storage, I say go for it(well other then the fact that I cannot stand Apple's approach to any OS and storage)

Probably be one of the better ones to finally buy as far as lasting. I know my Original transformer didn't last long...just using it as a alarm clock now haha.
That snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM I have faith in considering my Original Z(the phone) still doesn't lag with its already over a year old processor.