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Sony has brought a lot of cool stuff to CES 2014, including a look at its forthcoming PlayStation Now gaming service. The simplest way to describe what Sony's trying here; it wants to be the Netflix of gaming. 

The Gaikai guys have been on the show floor demonstrating how things will go. Initially Sony will be supporting PlayStation 3 games, which can be streamed to your PS4, PS Vita, PS3 and selected new Sony Bravia TVs. Beyond this, PS2 and PS One classic titles are also in consideration for future inclusion. But why are we so interested? Because one day, maybe in the distant future times, but one day for sure; Sony wants this on our smartphones and tablets. 

I spent a little time trying it out playing The Last of Us on a PS Vita, and it's actually pretty impressive. There's no discernable lag or jankyness, and it's just as if the game is natively playing on the device with similar graphical prowess to the console. I'm told that you only need a minimum connection of 5Mbps to be able to play games from the service. Sure, Sony will have massively controlled the experience for CES show-goers, but it gives a great first look at what's coming. 

When PlayStation Now launches in the summer, initial support will be for the U.S. only. Sony says that currently two pricing models are being explored; one for rental per game and one for a subscription as with many other content streaming services. OK, it's not coming anywhere near our phones and tablets any time soon, but it's on the roadmap, so we're excited to see where it goes. 


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Sony's PlayStation Now wants to be the Netflix of gaming


Nice! Whenever I get a PS4, my 3 won't go anywhere because it's too useful to unload, but this looks like a good way to catch up on stuff I missed.

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I loved my Sega Channel. I often thought that it was a technology that was far ahead of its time. We really don't have anything quite like it now even.

Still haven't heard a price on this.

Renting an SD movie runs about $5/day through PSN (or whatever it's called now).

My cutoff for streaming a single game would be about $1-2/day -- and something tells me it's gonna be a lot more than that.

Because there isn't a price. Sony is looking at two options right now, and we'll hear more on price when it gets closer to launch in the summer. 

This is really a game-changing feature. But it sucks that you're going to be paying for Playstation Plus and then for this service on top of that and then you won't have access to the games if you don't have an always on connection.

Yea, not saying ltjordan24 is one of them but people expect Sony to give this to them for free. Playstation Plus is a great value on its own now.

Exactly this crap is extremely expensive to implement and if it's successful Sony absolutely deserves to reap significant financial rewards. That's how capitalism is supposed to work and at the end of the day everyone is a winner (except Sony's competition obviously)

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Sony hasn't even announced pricing or anything for it. I totally expect them to at least give something from Now to PS+ users, like 1 or 2 rentals a month, or do some sort of discount to have both.

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PS Plus gives you a full catalog of games (12 for Ps3, 6 for PSP/Ps vita)for free as long as you have PS Plus. Additionally every week (on Tuesday) they add new games that are available to "buy" for free; for a week that can be redownloaded at any time as long as your PS Plus is active. These games are only available for a week thus making sure that a person who joins in january has access to more games than a person who joins in february.

Additionally, PS Plus members get additional discount on sales (typically ~20% more). Another feature is the 60 min trial of major AAA titles. This is a full game and not a demo so catering to try before you buy.

On PS4 , PS Plus is required for multiplayer but not on PS3 or PSP/Vita.

I have noticed that some games and content is available for a month. Other content is available for free as well like themes and avitars as well as game add ons. PS+ pays for itself in a 1 to 2 month period depending on what content you enjoy.

Right now Devil May Cry, Grid2 and Borderlands2 are free with PSN+. Coming soon is Bioshock Infinite. That alone, to me, is worth the $50/year cost of it. Also, there are many games every month that are included.... My only problem is having time to play all the games available.

Richard, You said that there is no "discernable lag or jankyness" Do you think this might be because its on some kind of special internet service that they were using and that they are the only ones using it at the time? Would any of this matter?

The server was almost certainly in the building for the demo. People seem to be forgetting we already went through this a couple years ago with OnLive. It too seemed to work perfectly in demo booths where the servers were right in the building, and then totally collapsed when exposed to the realities of the public internet. It's easy to control lag when your entire network infrastructure is controlled and has to cover about 200 feet. It's another story entirely when the server is 1,000 miles away and you have to connect to it over residential DSL.

idk bout this they should add it to PlayStation plus then more people would get PlayStation plus. i have my ps4 already so add this to plus would be great