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Get all the music you want for just £1 a month in limited time offer

If you're currently not invested in a music streaming service, then Sony Europe wants to make a play for your business. If you sign up to its Music Unlimited service before January 31, you'll be able to enjoy three months of all the tunes you can handle for just £3. 

The beauty to Music Unlimited over some of the competing services is getting it on your PlayStation console, if that's your thing. Since this is Sony we're talking, there's a pretty good selection of music, it offers 320 kbps AAC streaming and offline music. If this sounds like your sort of thing, grab the Android app from the Google Play Store at the link up top, and hit the source link for more information on this limited time offer. 

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Rock out for three months with Sony Music Unlimited for just £3


Can we get every Android tech site to do a review on Music Unlimited and in each review rip apart how completely and utterly horrendous it looks? If we can shame Sony into revamping the user interface this might be something I'd actually consider using.

I'd like to see a review of all of them. Most of the time tech sites only review one or two. I want them all compared against each other.

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