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Amazon is having a pretty massive sale on microSD memory cards from Sony. We're talking $32.99 for the 64 GB card, which normally goes for $114.99. (That's 71% off, for those who don't feel like doing the math.) Unfortunately, Sony's line doesn't extend up to the 128 GB denomination we've seen elsewhere, but you will find every other size under the sun, and even some solid prices on the full-sized SD cards.

You can snag the 64 GB card from Amazon here if you're in dire need of an upgrade. SanDisk also has some of their cards on sale, including a 64 GB card with blisteringly fast read/write speeds. It's too bad there aren't any discounts on the full-bore 128 GB card today. Before you make the leap, though, be sure to read up on how KitKat handles microSD cards differently.

How many of you are still using 32 GB cards or lower? Is your memory card running out of room?


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Sony microSD memory cards are ridiculously cheap right now


Got excited, but then quickly realized I have nothing in my life that uses an SD card...

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The price is average now, nothing spectacular. You can get other brands with the same speed rating for as cheap or cheaper. Notice the 40mbps is the read speed.

Do not buy Patriot microSD. I bought their 64gb one for $25, it failed on me. Their website RMA process required you to choose the model that you bought from a list, but the one I bought was not listed. I emailed them instead requesting an RMA, they just link me back to their website page. I filed an RMA with a similar model with only one letter difference, haven't heard back from them since.

This. A few weeks ago, Amazon had a "sale" on SanDisk memory cards. The sale price hasn't changed: the 64GB cards go for $35, and that nets you a UHS-1 card. I haven't had any problems with the card I ordered. Thank God.

Sony and Samsung are two brands I trust with their memory products. You can get about 20 MB/s in Seq Write Speeds and the advertised 40+ MB/s for Seq Read Speeds. The cool thing is you can get around 20 MB/s in Random Write Speeds with small files which is pretty awesome.

Maybe if they'd have done this with their Vita cards back when the Vita was released it wouldn't simply be a PS4 peripheral by now.

System still needs games/content!!

FWIW, i bought a used Vita for less than $100 earlier this year and have been placing PS plus downloads into my que, cause memory cards have been expensive. $24.99 for 16GB is decent, but not that great.

I ran out of room on my 64gb sandisk.. now i have a 128gb sandisk, class 10 of couse..

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Exactly, I love when people suggest that. So closed minded.
I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Lol I have a 16 gb microsd card in my phone I got for 20 bucks

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Have a 64 nearly full with pics and videos of the family, kids, random shots etc. in my HTC One m8. Gotta clean it up or move up to the 128.
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I have a 32gb in my zultra and there is hardly anything on it. I upload photos etc to One drive and don't keep much on my phone personally.

Ahahah, buy one anyway :) I am just fine with my fixed 16GB memory on the G2. Laptop has 1TB, and 500 GB external HDD, no need any faulty cards

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I've never had a faulty card.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I've never had a faulty card, but most older Android phones used to chew through cards like bubble gum. Most newer phones handle them much, much better.

I use nothing but Sony cards. They have been very reliable and fast. IMHO I think they out perform any card out there. I use the Sony 64GB.
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It's not much of a sale. It's true that Sony's original MSRP price of this microSD was upwards of $100 but it's been in the $40 range for several months. I bought this when it was $39.99 about three months ago. I used it to expand my storage on my Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet but now it's in storage. I don't want to use it in my smartphone (S3) as I'm scared it will bust in there. I'm going to use it as MP3/Video storage on my Macbook Pro or Time Machine backup storage.

I have a question, I have a psp 3001 slim that is hacked with custom firmware and I amusing a micro sd to memory stick pro duo would the psp read 64gb? I have a sandisk ultra 32gb and it reads it.

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Thank you for letting us know about this deal! I just ordered one!
I also noted that there are several other brands available for even less but ordered this Sony, anyway, because of the brand and speed.

Still making do with an 8GB card myself right now, I use my phone a lot for photos at work (for ebay listings) and completely fill it up easily within a week with the great quality snaps from my Xperia Z2 :) one day I'll snag a 128GB card when the price is right