Sony is now showing the Xperia Z2 smartphone as listed on the US Sony Store website, for the no-contract price of $699.99, which is apparently a reduction from its normal $749.99 price tag.

At the moment, the website is showing that the Xperia Z2 is backordered, but at least there is a listing now for purchasing the Android smartphone in the US, so it's hopefully just a matter of time before some more units are available to buy directly from the company. The listing shows that users can get the Xperia Z2 in black, white and purple color options.

The model that the Sony Store site is selling is the international LTE version, which means that it is compatible with the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Keep that in mind if you want to buy the unlocked Xperia Z2, since it will not work on Verizon Wireless' network.

What do you think about the Sony Xperia Z2 becoming available in the U.S, or at least when the site gets some units to sell?

Source: Sony Store via Xperia Blog


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Sony lists Xperia Z2 on the US Sony Store website for $699.99


Oh man! Damn! And I just got the G3 too with M8. I waited so long to want this phone.

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And you made a better choice with G3.. .cheaper and better specs :)
except the camera maybe in pixel counts

Finally they are going to sell it in the US. I've had it for a couple months and I really like it. I had the G3 for a few days but went back to my Z2.

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I'm referring to the amazon link that has phone under 600. I can't seem to find one... Way to be a troll...

The first one for me is 611 with no warranty. The poster said under 600 so I assumed it would indeed be under 600 and have a warranty. But thank you for the post

You can get it for 599 on eBay if you search under buy it now. It's a reseller. Not sure if it includes warranty or not though

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True. But if someone wants, there's band 4 and band 13 LTE in the same device - both of which Verizon uses. So for data only it could be good for those people if they're in a VZ LTE area all the time.

Do u guys think the purple color of the Z2 is for women? Or is it suitable for men too? I need ur opinions cuz I heard it was just for women -__-

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Nothing wrong with Purple for men. Purple is a passionate color, not a girlie color. Just look at the muscle car from the late sixties(and today), especially Mopars. Purple has always been a popular option.

A man gets what makes him happy and doesn't care what other people think. A man's friends make fun of him for having a purple phone.

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It's for everyone, not gender specific. I own a purple Z Ultra and have gotten thumbs up whenever people see it. Remember, purple has been a color associated with royalty since as far back as the Romans.

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Well, unless you think Priests, Kings and Popes are all women, I don't see how purple is associated with woman. If it was pink, sure, it's normally associated with women.
But not purple. Even less when it's that dark royal purple.

And you know what? I'm a straight guy and if the Z1 Compact had come in purple, I would have bought one. And if the Z3 Compact comes in purple (*fingerscrossed*) I'll buy one.

This phone in purple is beautiful. I normally wouldn't even think of getting a people phone but this one I wouldn't even hesitate if I had the funds. It's amazing looking.

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It was released in April. That's sort of a long time In a phone's life these days.

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It is for Sony phones. The z3 is being released in a few months. When you have a 6 month release cycle 3 months is a while.
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But we can agree to disagree. Some people keep their phones 3 years. I tend to keep mine in the 9 to 10 month range. We probably just view it differently.

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If you want a premium phone, you pay a premium price. Sony is not a charity, mate.

Also, I'd sooner give $700 dollars for a Sony phone than any Samsung, for example. Because Sony shows you the quality of construction on the phone. Samsung give you a crappy piece of plastic.

yeah i guess i think its because its they are on the family plan. I plan to switch to T-mobile by myself which should cost 80 bucks which isn't that bad

Wanted this for so long, now I'll keep an eye out for the Z3. Come on Sony you can do better in the United States market. I want what you're offering, just not 6 months late.

BTW isn't the brand new G3 going for ~$599?

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You'll see the Z3 for sale in the USA a few weeks after the Z4 is leaked for the rest of the world.

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I was hoping this would come to verizon but it looks like verizon might be getting the z3 instead. Don't think I will be waiting for it either. Think the g3 is for me as I don't want to downgrade from a 5.5" screen to a 5.2". If I really want a sony z series device I might just get the z2 tablet.

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I knew it would be on the site ready for sale. How did I know? Because the Z3 has already been leaked. It was like that for the Z and the Z1.
The Z became available on T-Mobile when the Z1 was leaked. The Z1 became available when the Z2 was leaked. So naturally the Z2 will be available shortly after the Z3 is leaked. That's the way Sony does business in the USA..........oh, and the pricing is ridiculous.
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This phone costs over the equivalent of $800 in Europe. And it sells. And people pay full price for the phones, we don't do that contract cr*p.
Just FYI.

Sony may actually skip the Z2 Compact and launch the Z3 Compact along with the Z3. At least it's what leaks etc seem to point towards.

Maybe an "odd" statement, but a true one that was posted on Android central. I have used a ton of there products over may years including the Ericsson phone, because of the crap quality I will never go back there there products (other then the PlayStation platform). TV's that failed at the one year mark, car stereos that last 6 months, computers that had motherboard issues. I did hear they made good quality toilet paper in Japan.

1 - Do not compare Sony and Ericsson. That partnership ended for a reason. I had an Ericsson T10S, way back, when Ericsson was an independent company in the phone business, before Sony. It was the ONLY phone I ever had that I had to switch from because it was so bad (granted, after that I bought a Nokia 3310 and haven't left Nokia ever since). Ericsson phones sucked and Sony suffered with their influence. And the proof is that the Xperia line improved considerably once Ericsson was gone.

2 - I have a ton of Sony products. All work perfectly. Some of them are 20 years old. My PS3 controller has fallen on the ground more times than I care to count. Same for remote controls etc. All still work perfectly.

I'm sorry that your experience with Sony isn't the best, but don't generalize it because that's clearly not everyone's experience. I actually know of no one who complains about Sony products. No. One.
Samsung on the other hand...I could give you a list that never ends.

Didn't generalize it, it is a true fact. There product quality was "ranked" as being "just a little better then crap". This was the results from reviews and tests from around the world, not mine.

That must make Samsung "A big pile of crap", Motorola "Slightly smelling of crap" and LG "A little crappy". All "true" statements!

In my opinion this is definitely not worth it. I had the Z2 and it suffer from overheating issues. Battery life is great and the camera is dope too but the overheating is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay that much for this phone.

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I can get the iPhone cheaper on eBay than in Apple store to, so what? Stop wining people. If it's cheaper in eBay go buy it there. You asked for it and Sony provided. Late; I agree... At least it's finally here. I'm getting one.

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No wait, I'll see which is the better phone in 6 months.... and decide.... maybe with every company in the world coming out with a new phone now, a lot of phones should be cheaper. .. I hope... I hope...

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Sorry always you overprice your stuff. At least you taught Apple how to do that. I can get the D6503 model for $609, inclusive of shipping - straight from Hong Kong no less. Incidentally, the same dealer (which I've used in the past to get a Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Z Ultra C6833 among others) has the Z Ultra 6833 for $365 with shipping and the Z1 Compact D5503 for $430 including shipping.

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Hopefully the US will have better luck with the Z3. They really need to release it quick and on all 4 carriers. US customers aren't used to paying an unsubsidized price for a phone straight up. Between that and getting it long after it was released elsewhere really doesn't motivate me to buy Sony phones, even though they're very impressive.

The Z2 has been available in Canada pretty much since it launched, and I would've picked it up in a heartbeat if I wasn't locked in a contract with my M7. So I opted to buy an OPO instead with the invite I got 2 days ago.

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I was going to buy this when I first learned about it but that price is outrageous. Went ahead and got me a Find 7 for cheaper.

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