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Just a few short weeks after debuting in Google Play for Sony devices, the Sony Lifelog app is now available for non-Xperia phones running KitKat. The app, which lets you monitor activity using your phone and the new Sony Smartband, was updated today in the Play Store with no associated changelog but after investigation seems to install just fine on many devices running the latest version of Android. The app also includes one small tweak in the settings that lets you set a "stride length" and "running stride length" to better estimate your exercise.

Further, unlike on Xperia devices the Lifelog app doesn't require you to use a Sony account to keep things in sync — installing onto a non-Sony device lets you sign in and sync with a Google account instead. We had a single error signing in the first time on the Nexus 5, but beyond that it seems to integrate just fine. We're not sure if this is what Sony meant by expanding the Lifelog app to more devices, but we'll sure take it.

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Sony Lifelog app update expands compatibility to non-Xperia devices


Just installed this on my S5 I got the error using my Google account but it disappeared after a second and allowed me to proceed. Really smart move of Sony to make this available to non Sony phones. Now just need the Smart band!

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I have a N5 and got the error twice but it seems that it did not matter. I'll leave it running until tomorrow.

I would love to see them open their logger up to third party trackers too. I've got a pebble steel and would love the app to use it instead of one of their disappointing offerings. The app is nice unfortunately their wearables aren't.