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Latest leaks suggest the name and an alternative color scheme for Sony's rumored camera attachment


We're just a few days out from Sony's September 4 press conference in Berlin at IFA 2013, and the rumored 'Lens Camera' has leaked again. This time with a name and an alternative color scheme for the device. A new report from SonyAlphaRumors suggests that the naming will combine smartphone and Cybershot, and the device will launch as the Sony Smart Shot. Not too crazy all things considered. 

We're also now seeing for the first time this white and gold version. Until now we'd only seen leaks of a black device, and while a white version was perhaps to be expected, how about gold? Would be a perfect match for that rumored gold iPhone 5S. 

In any case, we're live from Berlin all next week so if this does appear as the Smart Shot, or indeed anything else, we'll be there to bring you every little bit of it. 

Source: SonyAlphaRumors via Xperia Blog


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Sony 'Lens Camera' to actually launch as the Smart Shot?


I once bought a silver point and shoot camera. I returned it because its reflection showed up every time I tried to take a picture through a window. All cameras should be black.

It has an Android app and an iPhone app, so yes, it will work with your HTC One so long as you can install the Sony PlayMemories app, which is already available.

My Sony NEX -5R already let's me use my phone and tablet as a viewfinder for my camera via that app, and this will be no different.

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As with anything cost and how many phones it can work with will tell if it makes it.

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Very nice. I'm looking forward to using this with my Sony Xperia Z1! Or, Samsung Note 3-- which ever is best.

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I may actually buy this monstrocity if it is affordable. Will be great on my Note2.

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Anything's possible, with modern medicine. But you will need to come up with a method to recharge the battery...

how about a DSLR camera without a body... with the camera parts built right into the DSLR lens.... crazy?

Omg, you're a genius! (Either that or you've read all the articles on what this lense is.)

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$50 and I'm sold. Doubt i would pay more than that for an attachment.

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So we'll mark you down as "not buying".

I'll let the Sony product managers know in advance to lower their sales estimates by "1".

Lol.... oh man. You actually made me laugh out loud! Today will be a great day! Thanks.

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I want one, but I wonder if just using a eye-fi or a WiFi-enabled camera would be easier.

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"easier", maybe, maybe not. I think the overall "ease of use" will be very close, between using this device directly with a smartphone, versus uploading your photos via wifi after the fact. Of course with a dedicated camera you have the ability to swap batteries, use the built in flash, and a few other conveniences. On the other hand, you are getting RX100 quality lens and sensor for quite a bit less. So I guess it depends on your individual needs.

I personally think this will be a relatively niche device, not a runaway blockbuster. But I do applaud Sony's efforts in pushing the boundaries.

Eye-Fi is just plain awful in my experience. I went into it with high hopes, and it's just not consistent enough. Sometimes it works flawlessly, others it's a real PITA

QX-10 for $250
QX-100 for $450

Both are substantially cheaper than the camera equivalent.

The only 2 questions I still have are RAW and flash. Will it handle either or both?

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I don't see a need for this, if I am going to use my phone for picture taking I'll use the built in camera. If I want a better lens I will use my dslr . The pricing on this is far above what an this lens would sell for which is roughly $150 . Plus if you have a good camera already there are plenty of apps that will allow you to use all the features of said camera. One in particular being dslr controller. You can connect a phone through USB and the use it as a Wi-Fi pass through to take pictures and set things like shutter speed ISO f stop etc from another phone or tablet.

L o l, this has been a pretty funny thread!

I am excited about this, and the Gear watch. Maybe more of you would be more excited too, if you thought of this as more of a 'remote' camera. Imagine taking those hard to catch moments of the little ones, from the next room.

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I am very interested in the lens camera and will consoder it for my Xperia Z. It is a very elegant solution - the power of a camera with the slimness of a smartphone when not in use rather than a device with a bulky camera module all the time.

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You see, it isn't really attaching it to the back of your mobile that's the really neat possibility here - how about being able to mount it onto the end of your walking stick/extending monopod to get into difficult positions, yet you can see what it's looking at, zoom it and take pictures using the mobile in your hand?

As a nature-lover and bird fan, this would be great to mount on a telescopic monopod I could gently slide through a trees foliage, then zoom it up the tree to take photos of birds. Also, at concerts or events with a big crowd, again raise the lens up above your head and- Bingo! A terrific, clear hi-res zoomed in shot taken via your camera.

I'm sure there are many other possibilities too, but these two are excellent possibilities in my opinion, especially as the potential picture quality is so high.

I wonder what the range would be between the camera and the phone? up to 10 feet would be perfect.