Sony Google TV

If you have a Sony Internet TV you'll want to be on the look out for system updates as a new one has now started to arrive for some folks. The update indictates that it addresses some issues with router connectivity but it also contains an unmentioned, updated YouTube app with increased functionality. We don't have a full change log as of yet so if you spot anything else, be a good sport and let us know in the comments.

Thanks, Patrick!


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Sony Google TV update now arriving, new YouTube app included


Wait, what? I thought the Sony update was rolling out at the beginning of the month, like the press release said. I, too, have the Revue, and was hoping to get the update by the end of the month since they said "a few weeks" a few weeks ago. If Sony's just getting it now, does that mean another "few weeks" for the Revue? Oh well, maybe by Christmas.

logitech has said in a few weeks for the last year.

now we're 2 updates behind the sony, it's getting old, i don't know whose fault this is but they need to fix it.

No, we're 1 OS behind. This update was for the Sony to fix some bugs. It has nothing to do with the Logitech product.

no kidding, there won't be bugs in the logitech release?
when there is, how many in the coming weeks' or in a few weeks' will we get fed?

Yep, Sony seems to be making good on the promise to keep GTV updated by giving a router fix and better YouTube app. I wish Logitech was working as hard.

Aw man, you didn't like my picture above the TV? Yeah, still waiting for logitech to buck up and feel like supporting the revue. Not that I dislike it as is, but hire a couple developers and do cool things with it. Or release your code and let the community do it right.