Honami camera app

Android 4.2.2 and root are required for camera app installation

The rumored Sony "Honami" -- Sony's potential flagship phone for 2013 -- is said to be a camera-centric smartphone with a 20-megapixel camera and a 1/1.6-inch sensor. While this sounds like it will make for some amazing pictures, software can be just as important as hardware when it comes to digital photography.

Owners of the Sony Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, and Xperia Tablet Z can preview some of this software now on their own devices. Thanks to krabappel2548 of XDA Developers, users on Android 4.2.2 that have a custom recovery installed (i.e. are rooted) can check out the "Honami" camera app in action. Flash and HDR were recently fixed, and a script was added to remove the old camera app upon installation.

Source: XDA Developers;  Via: Xperiablog

Features include the following:

  • Camera functions:
  • AR effects
  • Superior Auto
  • Time Shift
  • Photo Effect
  • Manual Capture Mode
  • Info-Eye
  • Sweep Panorama
  • Ultra fast focusing
  • New Image Processing from Xperia Honami
  • Newer Camera libs for Image stabilization etc
  • Superresolution Image processing

Since this app is a port that was never actually meant for these Xperia devices, there are still a few bugs. Images may come out noisy, with a lacking overall picture quality. Issues are being worked on, and krabappel2548 says he'll post an updated port once he makes more progress. For the zip file and installation instructions, check the source link.


Reader comments

Sony 'Honami' camera app ported to Sony Xperia Z, ZL and Tablet Z


I really hope Honami comes to Verizon. I have been interested in owning a Sony phone for a bit now. I would jump from HTC for once to get it.

It won't. Most likely to get it will be AT&T and second would be T-Mobile. Everyone else won't get it.

We just need a solid contender for Samsung in the Android market. I am a Samsung fan for sure. Fascinate, Epic 4G Touch, S3 and Note 2. Here's to hoping that Motorola, HTC, LG and Sony up their game. HTC made an awesome phone but didn't market it at all. Sony hasn't brought their best phones to the states and the ones they did, they didn't market either. Motorola marketed extremely well for the OG Droid and Razor and continue to market decently but aren't dropping any phones that are awe inspiring. LG screwed up big time. They had the N4 and all the hype that came with it but, pretty much sat back and didn't beat all the opportunity they could have from that horse.

I am with you on there needing some competition for Samsung. If for no other reason to get Samsung with the program a little more.

I am ready for something new though. Sony, moto (only with an unlocked/unlockable bootloader), something.

HTC made a great phone but I have been there and suffered through that....

For the Americans worried about availability, Sony's working to expand it's reach in America. Unfortunately, maybe not far enough to truly make an impact right now but I still believe you'll have this on at least two carriers.
The specs of this phone make everything else pale in comparison. Samsung better have something up it's sleeve for the Note 3 or else I can see Sony running away with it with this phone especially in Europe & Asia.
20mp camera with karl zeis optics,dual stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier chip,2.3Ghz 800 cpu, waterproofing, all glass design, 1080p 5 inch triluminous x-reality display. That's a very impressive spec sheet that'll surely relegate everything else to a lower division of smartphone. The HTC Butterfly S doesn't stand a chance. Google may once again compete with an affordable Nexus 5 also packing the 800 cpu and possible 13 mp camera. Samsung definitely needs to up it's game

The problem with Sony is that their camera software engineers don't know what they are doing! I have an Xperia Z and the camera is awful.
The amount of post processing and compression is crazy and image quality is similar to that of a 1-2mp camera, not a 13.
Whats the point of Sony releasing this phone with a 20mp spec, when the software compresses the pics down to around 2MB in size and look like they were taken on a low budget camera that is 8 years old?