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Xperia Z1 to remain flagship into 2014, 'a lot to talk about' on smartwatches next year, 'OmniBalance' design still key

Sony Mobile has used its new year's message to hint at some of its product plans for the next twelve months. Reflecting on its 2013 lineup, the company says its trademark "OmniBalance" design language, which involves angular, symmetrical designs with flat front and back panels and a stylized outer trim, has been a differentiator this year and will remain "a key element of what makes our products special." That means the overall look and feel of Sony's phones and tablets probably won't be changing anytime soon.

The manufacturer also had a bit to say about its phone and smartwatch plans for the coming year.

Sony describes its current flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1, as its "strongest selling smartphone to date," and says the device will remain its flagship handset into 2014. That's not too surprising considering we're still waiting on a U.S. carrier launch for the device, though it does dismiss rumors that Sony might reveal a successor to the Z1 at next week's CES in Las Vegas. (For what it's worth, the smart money seems to be on a miniature version of the Z1 being the star of that show for Sony.)

And finally, we're all expecting 2014 to be a big year for wearable devices, particularly smartwatches. And Sony, which released its Smartwatch 2 device this year, says it'll have "a lot to talk about" in the wearables space in 2014. The post wraps up by saying the manufacturer has "some truly exciting products coming up, new form factors to explore and more from our wearables team."

We'll continue to cover everything Android-based coming out of Sony in 2014, and with two big trade shows coming up in the first two months it looks like there'll be plenty to write about.

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Sony hints at future device plans in new year message


So much win!

I have the Sony Xperia Z phone and the Xperia Tablet Z. They are both awesome devices, and I wouldn't want to change them for anything else. Sony is knocking it out of the park at the moment, so it's a shame they're not getting better sales??

Posted via Android Central App

If Sony would bring their phones to Sprint, I would buy one. Oh well, their loss.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow! Someone who actually likes Sprints network? That's a rarity!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

He didn't say he liked it. Just that he's on it.
Or he does because like me he lives good sprint LTE coverage area.

Posted via Android Central App

Same here. T-Mobile has no desire to update their network here beyond 2G/EDGE. Sprint has great LTE here, and their 3G is surprisingly fast

Posted via Android Central App

Sprint beats T-Mobile most anywhere in the Midwest. I live in a metropolitan area that T-Mobile couldn't even be bothered to upgrade past 2G/EDGE. Sprint, on the other hand, has had LTE here almost as long as Verizon.

Posted via Android Central App

Sprint (LTE and all) is great where I live and actually pretty happy! I have 6 phones on my line with unlimited data...which is great for the kids!

As has been said a few times over the last few days, they will remain irrelevant in the US until they can release a phone that is available on all/most major carriers.

Yup. They need a phone on atand t Verizon tmobile and sprint. They have good phones. They just need better availability

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

I bought 2 x Xperia Z1 this Dec, one for me and one for my preffered nephew. We just LOVE it ! Clearly this is the best Androïd phone available on this year end. In particular, beyond the gorgeous design and solidity and huge battery, I love it's magnetic charging port that allows to charge it without wearing the Micro USB port, nor loosing water protection on its closing door overtime, using Sony DK31 dock as well as the separate Magnetic to USB cable offered by Sony. Many press reviews did not get the HUGE VALUE of that magnetic port, shame on them.
For me, it's only missing the 3D HD pics and videos that I had on previous HTC EVO 3D, and the 4K 30fps video capture I was expecting to get on Z1 thanks to its Snapdragon 800 capability, unfortunatly not enabled yet by Sony on Z1.... I hope the next firmware up-grade could add that in, one way or another ... but not sure if possible.
I struggled to find a good housing "coque" compatible with DK31 magnetic dock and bingo found the perfect fit w/ the thin black Krussel,that make it even more beautifull, while protected. Also I found a belt-attached leather pocket for it on the net, and a wonderfull iWalk 10000mAH external battery.
I strongly recommend this Sony Xperia Z1, and hope Sony will come next year with a Z1 Tablet of at least 10", with a huge battery, 4K display resolution, and an external Keyboard dock, so I can change my already weared ASUS T701 tablet by much better Sony quality too...

I'm glad Sony is doing better than they were. It's taken a long slog to get over handing the walkman's market share to apple.

I can take or leave their current product design but I know for sure that if they starting designing their devices like a cyber punk manga artists would I'd empty my bank account and spend it all on Sony devices.