Based on our impressions last week, we'd say the Xperia Z is the most promising Sony phone since the original Xperia Arc. It's a 5-inch, 1080p device packing Qualcomm's latest quad-core Snapdragon S4, 4G LTE data and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, contained within a sexy glass chassis. If you missed out on the recent CES unveiling, Sony's published a two-minute promotional video covering the major features of the phone -- from the usual Bravia Engine and HD Reality Display nonsense to more tangible stuff like the design, the 13MP camera and connectivity with other Sony gadgets.

You'll find the video embedded above. When you're done, don't forget to check out our hands-on coverage of the Xperia Z from Las Vegas.


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Sony highlights design and connectivity in Xperia Z promo video


I never really was a fan of their mobile products before...but this thing looks really awesome. Really want to see this in person.

The hardware looks excellent, but I am always frustrated with Sony's software. If they can improve that, then I'll strongly consider buying one of their phones.

I love how Android phone manufacturers are about 3 years late to the all glass phone fad...

definitely a sexy phone, and the added water/dust proof feature is quite enticing (as long as the touch screen doesn't get finicky with wet hands). Although the convenience of a sealed phone when it "may" get wet, is also an inconvenience in "everyday" life. I assume all the ports are covered up, so unless this thing has a very reliable and high quality bluetooth streaming (with dead simple NFC pairing) to all my audio devices, AND new inductive charging where I can throw it on my desk/nightstand/car console in any position, I can't see myself using this on a daily basis.

Actually I think its more of a coating they use similar to liquipel. So those ports may not be covered.

They're probably using some coating internally but the phone definitely has all it's ports covered tight to provide that 30 minutes under water rating. Sadly it doesn't seem to use inductive charging - Sony has a pogo pin dock instead. That sucks, because people are starting to buy Qi chargers and it would be nice to NOT have to buy a new charging accessory for every phone.

I'd buy one, but Sony has never made a non-gsm phone, so the chances of me getting that option are pretty much dead already.

I seen the radio list for this device and the 1700 T-Mobile HSPA+ radio is listed. This phone should be pushed to all US Carriers if Sony had any brains. They need a hot device that sells to start becoming relevant.

Actually it seems the Bravia Engine 2 stuff really isn't nonsense - I saw a video where they did a split-screen on the device and ran BE2 on one side and no BE2 processing on the other and there was a noticeable difference in contrast during video playback. Apparently there actually is some software/code behind this marketing-speak :)

If the Z had inductive charging I would probably be all over it, but I'm actually much more interested in the ZL as it is a tiny bit shorter than my Nexus 4 (even with the 5" screen), has the same 13 meg camera & software, has a dedicated camera button, has the volume rocker in a more sensible location, and doesn't have all the crazy port doors because it isn't water/dust proof. Yes it's thicker than the Z, but about the same as my current N4, and honestly as nice as glass backs look and feel I'm getting really tired of watching my N4 slide off of just about every non-level surface I set it down on. A soft-touch grippy back is just fine with me. The ZL also had a really cool notification LED at the bottom which I want as I'm a huge Light Flow user.

This is the ONLY device I would consider other than a Nexus phone. Timescape or whatever it's called is a mature looking skin (sorry Touchwiz but...) which I would live with but what wins me over is that amazing looking hardware.