Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Who dares interrupt our Super Bowl commercials with a smartphone announcement? Sony Ericsson, of course, which acknowledged the Xperia Play on Facebook while teasing it at the Feb. 13 event in Barcelona ahead of Mobile World Congress. We'll be there, of course, to get the full scoop. And now, back to the game. [Facebook]

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Jalarm says:

It's not even cool anymore we have seen it so much.

Flip says:


513 says:

Yeah, Playstation Suite with Honeycomb on a tablet = WIN

I'm guessing its coming to at&t or t-mobile because of the Hspa sign hopefully to t-mobile just to use it I'm sticking to HTC and the mytouch line

PhiUnion says:

Hopefully it comes out on any provider so it's subsidized. I'm almost interested in this phone, but if it's not subsidized I will never buy it. That's just the end of that story. Especially when the Inspire is $99.

pDoG says:

will playstation suite be only for phones built like this?

No Sony said it will be released for phones and tablets within the next year calendar, hopefully this year

pDoG says:

Anyone just see the commerical about it?! It was awesome.

r-nice says:

Link to commercial please.

grantbdev says:

What are those things in the center supposed to be?

Johnny_Mac says:

Those would be the "Analog" sticks.