Xperia Arc HD (aka Nozomi)

It's been just over a month since we got our first glimpse of Sony Ericsson's next big thing, the Xperia Arc HD (previously known by its codename, "Nozomi"). Today a new photo has emerged of the device, which is reportedly going through carrier testing in Hong Kong. Despite sections of the phone being strategically blurred out, you can clearly see that the Xperia UI has undergone a bit of a facelift, and that the chassis seems to be incredibly thin, just like its predecessors. Some mystery still surrounds the purpose of the glowing section at the bottom of the device though -- as we've seen in the earlier shots, it seems to extend all the way around the shell.

Chinese blog Techorz, the source of the leak, claims an unveiling at CES in early January is on the cards, which wouldn't surprise us considering that's where we first saw the original Arc almost a year ago. As for rumored specs, the site reports exactly what we've heard elsewhere -- a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU inside, with 1GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch, 720p display and a whopping 12MP camera, presumably sporting Sony's Exmor R tech. Crucially, though, there's no mention of which version of Android is powering the Arc HD at present. Last time we saw it, it was rocking Android 2.3.5, though if it does launch with Gingerbread we'd expect a relatively speedy upgrade to ICS.

Fingers crossed, hopefully we'll be getting our hands on this beast sooner rather than later.

Source: Techorz, Thanks, Alfred!


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Sony Ericsson 'Xperia Arc HD' sighted in Hong Kong, rumored for unveiling at CES


This sounds like a nice phone, Sony quality, with the Sony guarantee of ICS. I believe we should have the option to switch to 8mp quality, but nice to have 12mp for those picture perfect moments. This thing looks thin form the pix above, and did I mention 720p 4.3" HD screen. Yeah this sounds like a nice phone.

By the way, it looks like three little dots, on the bottom of the screen, software buttons? ICS?

you could so be right about those three little dots. Probably a sony ui layed on top of ics. For sony's own look. Never really minded sonys ui. and man have i been waiting for them to come out with this phone! I want only two more things... NFC and LTE oh and hopefully they implement some DLNA. If not ill live with out it as long as it has an hdmi out.

Upon further inspection the symbols for the buttons are on the lighted band part of phone. I'm not sure if these are the actual buttons or if they are just the symbols for the buttons above. Curious!

NEXUS on Friday... BUTTTT CES is only a couple weeks away.... I know Know... Stock vs Skin... but January is looking BRIGHT as USUAL with CES. Can't wait to see what's out next.

The device carries a unique design and I'm loving it. Can't wait for its hands-on video with this phone. I'm looking forward for this phone, especially its 12 megapixel camera.

Finally a front facing camera, welcome to 2011 SE.

If this came out already, I would have seriously considered it, but Galaxy Nexus won my money last week. Nevertheless, glad to see more 720p phone out there. I owned the Skyrocket for about a week before I felt like grandpa using his big button remote and got rid of it.

That folder icon looks like the one found in ICS. In pre-ICS versions of android, you couldn't see a preview of what was in a folder.

If this phone comes with the ANT+ chip that some of the Xperia models have it could convince me from buying a Nexus on launch day...assuming that it's hitting Verizon stores, which is something none of the other Xperia phones have done.

Here's to hoping there is more information released about the phone soon. if nothing else, I'm sure I could convince my brother to trade me for a nexus when his contract is up for renewal in May.