Sony Ericsson and Linux

Sony Ericsson just proved to us all that they get it.  First, they offer up a real bootloader unlocking solution, and now they have published a How-To on their official developer blog with instructions to build, flash and boot a custom Linux kernel for the Xperia Arc, the Xperia Play, and the Xperia Neo.  They even provide links to the needed tools, and give some tips for editing the kernel source and config.

To all the Android kernel developers out there this is like solid gold.  No more fighting the manufacturer and their protection schemes, instead they provide a How-To and offer support at XDA-Developers.  If only other manufacturers would follow their lead. 

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer Blog


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Sony Ericsson teaches how to build and flash a custom kernel


Lions like SE wants to be the darling of developers. Nice. Would like to see someone take the wind out of HTC and Motorola's sails. Maybe if enough people get behind this it could change things a bit.

Ah, No. Not seeing the difference that much, because you sort of have it wrong.

Sony Ericsson is not really owned by Sony.

Its just a Joint Venture, established because BOTH companies were slowly getting frozen out of the phone business: Ericsson because they lacked access to markets, Sony because they lacked decent phones.

It hasn't worked out well. Xperia is a desperate gamble for the JV, which is bleeding cash. It is either the comeback Phone, or the straw that broke the camels back. Its too soon to tell.

Go see more about this at

Don't for a second think this is permanent. Sony Ericsson is taking a HUGE risk by sharing their intellectual property with the modding/chef community. This is a huge leap of faith on their part; that can not be underscored enough.

It's up to the modding/chef community to show Sony Ericsson that this trust was not misplaced. If we want other manufacturers to follow suit, we must not abuse this tremendous gift that Sony Ericsson has bestowed.

So....does this mean that SE phone may actually finally get software updates? Or is this an attempt to pass the buck along to the MODding community to get software updates out for them? Lack or delay of software updates is why I don't buy Sony or Samsung.

"Official" updates are really irrelevant. Froyo was leaked for the galaxy s last year, when it was officially released this year it was crap in comparison to what devs had already accomplished. Already been leaks on gingerbread and it will happened the same way

The PS3 division will not react to this. If they were stupid/arrogant enough as for ignoring the consequences of removing existing functionality from third PS3, they are also too stupid/arrogant as for understanding the importance of this move from SE.
Nothing in my house has the word Sony on it. This was a decision that I made when noticing that Sony will oppose to interoperability unless they are forced to it (mp3 vs. Atrac, SD vs. MS, etc.). Linux on the PS3 was against their very nature. So the same will happen with this phone if they find the opportunity.