Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

What's bigger than the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and larger than the X10 Mini? Meet the Xperia X8 -- a mid-size model previously known as the Shakira. No other real details just yet, though it appears to be keeping the same three-button styling, along with the Timescape and Mediascape user interface atop Android. No word on if or when it'll make an appearance, or if it'll be stuck with the same Donut version of Android as its older siblings. [Unofficial SE Blog]

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PhilR8 says:

Really, who is designing these awfully bland UIs for Sony? The Sony BlandBlue(tm) color scheme makes this thing look like a cheap knockoff. See more of the UI in action here:


icebike says:

I got no problem with Blue and White, there is no combination of blue and white that does not look good. Humans have a natural affinity to that color combination. (Sky).

Black and blue, not so much.

jeffreytz says:

Did you mean smaller than an X10 and larger than the x10 mini? Or are they both bigger? I don't follow S-E phones so I'm not clear. Thanks :)