Sony Ericsson LiveView - early builds are loaned out to developers.

As the lucky folks who were able to attend DroidCon 2010 witnessed, Sony Ericsson decided to distribute an early build of the LiveView developer SDK, and even loan out a couple devices to third party plug-in developers.

London-based Android developer Mark Brady was lucky enough to spend some time with a test unit, and even began porting over the UI of his Last Call WidgetIn his blog he outlines exactly what you will find in the SDK, and also airs some grievances towards the early build.  But he's very quick to forgive, as Sony Ericsson had no prior plans of distributing any of these units, or the unfinished SDK.

This was definitely a good move on SE's part, as the only way you're going to drum up interest in a new technology is to get it into the hands of developers, and see what they can come up with.  One or two killer apps could do wonders for the LiveView, and I'm very anxious to see where this goes.  I can already think of a few ways I would use the LiveView, so I'm really pulling for it.

As we mentioned a couple months ago, the LiveView is compatible with Android 2.0 or better, and should be available in the fourth quarter (that's now!)  []


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Sony Ericsson LiveView -- one step closer to replacing your wristwatch


I can see this being used by Drivers to get around laws restricting messing with a cell phone while driving.

I also predict it will have to suffer a period of time on the too-nerdy-to-be-cool list that Bluetooth ear pieces went thru for years.
A glowing wrist will take a while to catch on.

But its an interesting concept to be able to leave the phone in your inside pocket (or purse) and glance at your incoming messages, without having to actually touch the phone. Great for meetings (or while in class). Long as its not too bright.

I assume it would turn off the display, or at least the backlight when not in use, otherwise it would be hard to get any decent battery life out of it.

It seems to be designed like a stopwatch. I know you can strap it on your wrist, but it's a bit on the bulky side. If they just straight up made it a watch about the size of a Timex Ironman and throw a Mirasol display on it, this would be brilliant.

For a start just get this to display the usual stuff watches do with tight integration with app like Sportpal. What I like to know is does this have a vibrate function. A vibrate on the wrist driven by an app on the phone is the best way to cue the user of an pre-selected alert.

Another question, is this splash proof? ie do I have to remove it when I wash my hands or when it rains while doing a workout?

Got mine a few days ago pretty handy as I just ahem customised an x10 to be my cars media device for once i'm soooo glad to have and x10 it doesn't connect consistently on my htc desire apps are good but one annoying thing is notifications dont empty out and some times still show as new even when read and replied to.

@blackhawkA4 it does vibrate once for every alert even calls and I would definately say it is not splash proof