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Sony Ericsson released its fourth-quarter and year-end numbers this morning, and things certainly improved over 2009, at least as far as the money is concerned. SE actually sold fewer phones in 2010 compared to the year before -- 43.1 million versus 57.1 million, a 24 percent decrease. But margin improved from 15 percent to 29 percent, operating income actually was in the black, as was nearly every other category (including price of the handsets).

So SE's got to be feeling pretty good by now, and by all accounts we're going to see some pretty good handsets in 2011. Now SE just needs to make sure it figures out how to update them. [Sony Ericsson]


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Sony Ericsson ends 2010 with 43.1 million phones sold, turns around dismal 2009


I'm really hoping that SE has learned from 2010 and plan on keeping on top of their devices.

This makes me curious to know whether or not Verizon will ever get an LTE only *obviously because Sony is pious about not using CDMA chipsets* after they have full nationwide coverage. I loved all of my SE phones, would love to have one on Verizon.

My first Verizon phone was SE(the egg-shaped T61c).It worked great for me so it disappointing when SE dropped CDMA.If SE supports their Android devices better in the future I'd love to see an LTE version of the Xperia Arc.

That was before they told users their Eclair build (which many countries haven't even received) is better than stock Froyo. They shouldn't expect encouraging 2011 sales.

The 2011 hardware line up is being leaked bit by bit, all with 2.3 on board, all looking great with excellent build quality and there's always a fancy eye catching feature (Bravia Blah Blah) to distract you from the missing feature and its always something that's taken for granted so it would never cross your mind that it wouldn't be included.

Rather than pull your hair out when these phones take too long to come out lets lay bets of what missing vital feature will be removed...

... How about in coming calls? who needs them anyway ;-)

I think that SE will have poor 2011. Their bad reputation on updates and horrible treatment of customers will undermine their products. They have some very capable devices, but they don't support them. The X10 hasn't even been out a year and SE announced that they will not update the X10 past 2.1. The X10 is still running on 1.6 here in America because AT&T has yet to release the update. AT&T will also be dropping the phone from its lineup in March. All of this is to make room for the Xperia Arc and force customers to buy a new phone. These actions make me never want to buy a SE phone ever again and to steer others away from buying SE phones.

And I'm sure they will sell much less phones in 2011, due to the lousy service and attention they give to their customers, I have an Xperia 10 and will get rid of it this month to buy another phone with a company that really matters its clients.