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Sony Ericsson is in the advanced stages of product development for LTE devices, and expects them to make their way to market "pretty soon", according to CTO Jan Uddenfeldt. In an interview with Fierce Wireless, he also touches on the importance of Android OS updates, the deal with Verizon to carry the Xperia Play, and the manufacturer's tablet plans.

Uddenfeldt says Sony Ericsson has learned from its mistakes concerning the pace of Android updates on its phones, and added that the company simply wasn't aware of the importance of OS updates when shipping devices last year. While this will be of little comfort to Xperia X10 and X8 owners stuck on Eclair or Donut, it is at least shows an acknowledgement of these problems at the highest levels of the company.

On the subject of the Xperia Play, Uddenfeldt discusses the ins and outs of the deal to bring the phone to Verizon, and clarifies that there's no exclusivity deal in place that would prevent the device from being sold by another carrier.

Finally, and most tantalizingly, Uddenfeldt addresses the issue of tablets, identifying them as an important part of the mobile device market. He says that Sony Ericsson is "holding discussions" with Sony about a possible Android tablet, something which might add weight to recent rumors of a cross-company effort to bring a Sony-branded Honeycomb tablet to market later this year. [Fierce Wireless]


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Sony Ericsson CTO talks tablets, LTE and Android updates


I like this. It's nice to see a company basically say "We dropped the ball but we realize how we need to improve and we'll do it." I'm tired of companies trying to frame their failures in terms of keeping the customers' best interests in mind. Candor like that makes me much more likely to trust Sony to provide timely-ish updates than Samsung.

Agreed. If I were in the market for a new phone, this kind of statement would make me much more likely to consider something like the Xperia Arc as opposed to any of Samsung's offerings.

To be honest I rather have a company that managed to release updates to most of their customers thought out the world(Samsung)than a company who for some reason gave up in updating their device.

No way. Sony doesn't not know you need to update software on a tech product. Its Sony, arrogance personified. Sony is quality, they knew but decided to care now.