Honestly, we're not sure how to take this tweet from Sony Ericsson North America. They're hinting at product launches today but remain purposely vague on what product announcement it'll be. We're hearing reports that Sony Ericsson will announce the XPERIA X2, X3, and X5 (what happened to X4?) but we really have no idea.

What we are hoping for is official announcement on the Sony Ericssson Android 'Rachael' Phone. The 'Rachael' is easily our most anticipated Android Phone and we'd love to hear official confirmation from Sony Ericsson itself. We guess we'll find out in the next couple of hours. In the meantime, stay tuned to this space to see what device is up Sony Ericsson's sleeve!

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Sony Ericsson Announcing More XPERIA Phones, Possible Android Announcement


If these two things happen, Android will finally be taken seriously by the North Americans and the phone blogging community:

1. Release Xperia with Rachael
2. Get it subsidized on a major carrier (preferably T-Mobile for me)

Why this? While I like the Sense UI a lot, Rachael is the only UI out there that trumps iPhone's UI. Most iPhone users are drawn to the phone like a moth to a flame because of the UI (if they realized all it COULDN'T do because of not allowing background processes, they probably wouldn't use it). Give them a slicker UI AND background processes that actually provide useful services and its on equal footing (in the minds of potential iPhone buyers. This would actually make Android better than iPhone).

Xperia & Rachael show the power of Android. I went with Android because of seeing the potential because of the architecture as I'm sure many here did. With a hot UI, the rest of the world will be assimilated as well.

Resistance is futile.

I would like to add another point:

It's time to offer android on an hardware competitive with the iPhone 3Gs and the Pre.

Well, this "announcement" could hardly have been more disappointing ! SE needs to bring game to the U.S., not leftover also-rans.

are you kidding me?
they are still doing the walkman crap? wow.

i really hope that xperia comes to tmobile. i loved the past few SE phones i have had, but hated having to buy them unlocked off ebay.

Also, 9 (and sometimes 6) as well as 13 is viewed as unlucky by certain cultures....there are other unlucky numbers out there too :/