Sony Ericsson ICS

Two manufacturers explaining the upgrade path to Ice Cream Sandwich on the same day? It's gotta be a coincidence, right? Anyhoo, Sony Ericsson -- hot on the heels of Motorola's own post -- has explained in great detail on its developer blog what all goes into updating its devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

It's a pretty interesting read (if a little long) and gives a great look at everything that has to happen while the rest of us are setting our hair on fire impatiently waiting on updates. Give it a read.

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer World
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Sony Ericsson also tells how it's handling Ice Cream Sandwich


I really like what Moto and SE are doing here. At least they're trying to explain to their customers the often long process of releasing software. We complain a lot, but from what they're telling us, it's not just a plug and play deal.

I greatly respect engineering companies giving their customers a detailed explanation of why designs take so long to accomplish.

Compared to a forum DEV that can just throw out a release in a few weeks, Engineers must get 100s if not 1000s of paper work processed, looked over and approved.

I hope when it comes down to it, people can have more patience and understand the manufacturing and engineering process that has to be followed in order for things to be released. There aren't just design issues but security and possible legal issues that MUST be handled.


Well, if we are impatient, it's only because of crap like the G2x JUST NOW getting an OS that launched a year ago. And that was a stock device.

I really wonder how much of the time is spent with the "Feature Upgrade" (translated as "Skin the shit out of it") when if they had just left vanilla Android on it...

Spoken from a man that has never worked in an Engineering company in his life...

It took 1 whole year for all the paperwork for my wire harness designs to pass and go through for the Nissan Leaf. I doubt it will take them a whole year to do ICS, but this is mass production. It's not easy man it's really hard to get things approved.

On the contrary, 'man,' I am a mechanical engineer. I do know exactly what paperwork is required for mass produced items. If what I build fails, the likely result is the death of the employees who work on/with the things I build. This is similar to your Nissan Leaf, which you may our may not have actually worked on. To this extent, you must know that safety standards in what we work on are much higher and much more important than the certifications needed for any phone.

In fact, other than generally testing your phone for bugs as all manufacturers should, I'd argue the testing required for carriers to approve new software should be more than enough for these nonessential wireless devices. I would not be surprised if the carrier testing is as, if not more, effective than the testing manufacturers require on their own devices and software.

I stand by my original statement.

One thing I'll add however, is I do like Motorola's "soak testing." It stands to reason: the bigger the test group, the easier it is to find bugs.

I gotta give it to Motorola & Sony Ercisson for doing this

It does explains allot (especially Sony's) , & I really appreciate the time & effort it took em to writes this up

one thing I would like to quote from Sony Ercisson's blog :

"Contrary to what people may think, it is not the Bring up phase, but the Certification and approval phase that is the most time consuming process when it comes to getting a new software release out on our phones. This is one of the major tasks that are legally required from us as phone manufacturer, but is a task that the custom ROM community doesn’t have to take into consideration. Furthermore, by putting all this efforts into testing and certification, we ensure that quality and conformance is at a top level, in benefit for all consumers worldwide."