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We've been hearing reports to this effect for the past week or so, but today Sony has officially confirmed the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Xperia V, Xperia T and Xperia TX. A post over on the official Sony Mobile blog details exactly what's new in this firmware update -- and there's quite a bit, besides the usual Jelly Bean stuff like Google Now and "project butter."

The update includes new, redesigned Sony media apps such as Walkman for music, Album for pictures and Movies for, well, movies. There're also new personalization options in the home screen launcher, including support for up to seven screens, and auto-resizing of widgets, like the stock Jelly Bean launcher. Changes to the app drawer make creating folders easier, and the drawer itself now features a search box.

Sony also promises camera improvements, including a new "auto" scene setting, and a button for switching between the front and rear camera.

Xperia V, T and TX owners, let us know in the comments if you've got your Jelly Bean update. As always, carrier-locked devices may take a little longer. Sony says the update may only be available through the PC Companion or Bridge app for Mac "in some instances," so you may want to check that if you've not had anything arrive over the air.

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Sony confirms Xperia V, T, TX Jelly Bean update, details changes


I have a xperia T also with T mobile, have contacted them several times, they dont seem to know when they will be pushing out Jelly Bean for xperia T, not what they said when i got the contract.

Sigh. TX, Australia, bought from Sony store.
Nope. Not updating from "About Phone", not updating from PC Companion.

I'll be obsessively trying over and over this weekend.
Edit...xperiablog says march. Who is right?

Edit 2...
"As planned, this week we’re starting the software rollout for our first batch of Xperia smartphones Xperia T and Xperia V*, with Xperia TX following next month."

Okay then. Next month.

Thank you for the info; got my TX imported from the US to Germany. This spares me installing the Companion and refresh click the update search for another month. :D damn you Sony. I want my Jelly Beans!.

still waiting for my jelly bean update here in the uk am on orange network with sony xperia t still nothing. been to the sony up date website and jelly bean is there but when i connect my phone it says your phone is up to date bull up date through sony pc companion wtf.
any one got any news ?

I must say I am furious with Sony!!!

I called their customer support many times few months ago asking about the JB update and no nobody could get their story right!!!

Some say that the carrier will push it through and others say that it will come as a message from Sony.

Now I spoke to Orange and they say they have no idea or knew about this update!!!!!

In a nutshell we could end up with a phone that will never see JB update.

What I don't understand is Sony customer service are happy to give false information to their customers and keep saying it will come....

The same thing for me with the website (your phone is up-to-date)

I have run out of patience with Sony and looking to purchase another phone.