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IFA 2014Sony has announced the Smartwatch 3, their upcoming Android Wear-based device, as part of its IFA 2014 press conference in Berlin.

The Smartwatch 3 will have a 1.6-inch LCD display with a resolution of 320x320. Inside, there will be a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, along with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage and a 420mAh battery.. It will support NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 and is due for release this autumn.


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Sony announces Android Wear-based Smartwatch 3


See. Sony is smart after all. Unlike Samsung who continues to live in their Tizen world.

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I think he means that Samsung should release a high-end watch using Android Wear as the Gear Live could be considered "entry-level"

That's the thing about software, that's easily handled with an update, what would you consider a "ton of features" that it still needs?

Good software is not created in a vacuum. Knowing the hardware platform makes optimization possible, as well as what features should be added.

My opinion is that Wear will open more feature sets as time goes on. It'll grow as the technology develops. And also as it becomes more socially normal. Notifications and a couple of apps are good for now, it'll be a flick of the switch soon enough.

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High-end Android Wear? Define that phase please..
BTW, Wear doesn't support 3G, voice calls, GPS, WiFi etc., Google first need to make Wear work as a standalone device before Samsung can do anything.

Samsung is about that Tizen life...with a watch like the Gear S, they should have made 2 variants but hey its Sammy so this is nothing new.

Probably the smart thing for Sony to do. I do remember them saying they would be sticking with their current watch software.

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Wonder if pebble will find a way to combine the capabilities of android wear and the monochrome e-ink display now. Also, coming this autumn? We all saw how that turned out with the moto 360...

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I liked my original SmartWatch. and I envied the smartwatch 2. I gotta say going with wear was really the only way to go. So much time and money saved with all the great features your original watch had and then some. My only real issue with the original smartwatches was the lack of google now integration. This is a name i trust in the smart watch world and believe it will be my next.

Most of the wear watches are pretty much tge same inside just with different casings. Samsung Tizen watches actually do some things better than wear at the moment. I'm sure android will catch up. Regardless of what os the watch runs on if it does what you want who cares. I prefer the pebble for now. Great battery easy to read. Just wish it had a mic and speaker.

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This is what I was waiting for, all the OEM's jumping on the Android wear train instead of grabbing the first one available. I will wait a few more months and wait until the missing hardware starts getting added though. I'm sure there will be more designs to choose from by then too.

Unexpected. Not loving the styling but glad Sony decided to enter the Android Wear device market despite earlier statements.

Curious to know which build of android wear it's running. Google said wear updates were coming sometime this week.

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Another "me too" smart watch, yawn.

No mention of an always-on transreflective display like the SW2 had? Does that mean another useless-in-daylight, single-day-battery-life device? Also, no more standard watch band compatibility?

This is the opposite of innovation. Boo Sony, boo.

I currently have the SmartWatch2 connected with a Samsung S3. I like it a lot but don't see any reason here to consider upgrading to the SW3.
Perhaps, when I get the new Note 4, I'll go for the newest Gear. It looks pretty awesome with the curved face. Also includes direct calling capabilities and it appears to have a camera on the back but I don't like the idea of having to take the watch off to take a photos.
Time will tell. I'm sure we'll know a lot more before they become available.