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Some users experiencing "Couldn't sign in" error on their devices


I'm on ICS and having having the same problem.
When I go into settings and Accounts and Sync, the error is with the Contacts Sync. There in a red sync symbol, and it says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly."

Do u have google now installed on ICS?? It seems like a google now issues.
My ICS tablet have no issue at all. Only my nexus have issues.

I'm on JB and everything syncs just fine, actually went into the settings and did a manual sync and all worked, but I still get the error. A quick Google search brought me to a couple of places stating that it is "Now" that is the problem.

Google Account Dashboard -> Account -> Security, I deleted all (mobile) apps connections to my account, then deleted my Google Apps account on Android and reinstalled it. Now I can access everything again!

Haa..finally..I am not alone! I've been scratching my head for the past one hour trying all sorts of things...been all over XDA!

Nexus 7 only for me. GNex has no errors. Then again, it was dead for a few hours till I plugged it in and it's on now, not that that bears anything on it.

yep. MKBHD mentioned that it might be just Google Now's issue, so only on jelly bean devices? Both my SGS2 and TF300T are running jelly bean.. and got them on both.

thank you for this. im sitting here my nexus 7 and my phone is just notifying me and im like WHATS GOING ON!?@

But i go on android central and bam! Relief!

Having this same issue on and off with my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, both running AOKP JB build 1.

Glad I'm not the only one seeing this, I think the problem is related to either Google Now (as I'm unable to refresh and get a "no connection" error) or the update to Maps

Yup, started around 7 pm here in Arizona. Keeps doing it on and off. Apparently it has something to do with Google Now. When I try to use GNow it won't connect at all, but other services work fine.

Happened on my Nexus S 4G right after I applied the 4.1 OTA. It didn't occur prior to the update.

(My Bionic isn't having the issue.)

Yes, same here. I am using 2 step verification on a SGS3. But also my chrome extensions are affected.

hope they fix it soon.

Totally agree, especially given getting the issue on my Nexus 7 but not on bone stock GS3. Also when go into Now it just says "No Connection"

It started like two hours ago for me. I thought it was my custom rom I have but apparently not. I wonder its for all android devices or all nexus devices

I got that error for a while this evening, but the phone seemed to work fine (including email, Google Play marketplace, etc.). Error has gone away now.

I thought I was having some crazy issue with my carrier signal then I tried wifi and had the same issue. I hope Google gets this fixed soon.

Just started happening for me. Glad to see its merely a google wide issue rather than someone getting into my account. Hopefully it'll be resolved by morning.

A bunch of us on G+ thought it was related to 2 Step, but we found out through testing that it seems to be more related to Google Now.

If you check Google Now, now, it most likely last synced 2 hours ago.

Was hoping there would be information! Got the error our of the blue a couple hours ago, reflashed Gapps, still error. I can still update apps and receive new email, very strange. Running JB on my GSIII.

My battery died and this was the first thing I saw after charging it and I was relieved that I'm not the only one facing this issue. What's weird about it is the fact that this looks like a random message and I'm actually signed in as everything works and able to access my account.. Play Store, Maps/Latitude, Drive, Contacts, YouTube & Google+.. Everything works perfectly but I keep getting this message every couple of minutes after dismissing it from my notifications.. Also, when I check the settings, everything seems fine with my account & it's syncing normally which.. All of the above made me think that this is a random message and not a legitimate failure to sign in

Follow up, after reading a few comments, I noticed that Google Now is not working & it seems that it's the only GApp that's broken for me

I've had this problem for a couple hours. Extremely annoying. It first started with Chrome, and and now has moved onto Google Now.

First real issue ive had since purchasing this phone and as long as its just google now im okay with that...for now

Yes, but strangely, apart from the cards, my search still works and my 'a-few-seconds-ago-desktop-search-entry' still got synced and recognized on my GN. I'm in Malaysia. Is Google preparing a major upgrade of Google Now?

Damn your right...Idk about a major update but that would be something they'd do after ios6 dropped today...who knows.

Couldn't figure out why it was happening on my N7 but not my gs3. The Google now makes more sense. Thank goodness for this community to put my mind at ease. ;-)

Same here, been about 5 hours now, same with the girlfriends, hope it's fixed soon, it seems I play around with Google now quite a bit lol

Seems to only be Google Now - everything else syncs fine on my S3 with CM10. But I can tell you exactly when things went down because the baseball scores are stuck at given points.

Same issue... appears to be Google Now. When I try to open the Google Now cards, all I get is a "no connection" error.

I've had thus problem too since I updated the maps app....I'm starting to think the new sync feature in Google maps is the cause

Yep, I've been having the same issue on my HTC Evo V 4G with ICS but I have the Google Now for ICS installed on it so I think it's a Google Now issue & not a JB issue.

When it happened on my Xoom. I assumed it would be fixed
by the morning. Looking at these comments, I am sure of it now.

Been having the same problem on the Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean. However with my EVO 4G LTE with Ice Cream Sandwich I am not getting this issue.

Been having this same issue on my GS3 also get a 'no Comnection' message in Google Now. I'm on a GSIII running stock JB

Yes Sprint Epic Touch and Sprint Galaxy Nexus for me. I am surprised this is not at the top of Google's search results. Something just told me to come here and see if anything new was posted... Thanks android central now i don't feel alone and scared.

I believe it is Google Now that is causing the issue. The issue is present on my Verizon GNex with AOKP JB build 2 (4.1.1). It is not present on another Verizon GNex or a Verizon GS3, in my household, which both rely on Verizon for updates (still on ICS). All of the phones have the updated Google Maps on them as well.

It does seem to be a Google Now issue. My GNex is rooted stock ICS but I side loaded the Now apk and it's having the login issue along with my stock rooted JB Nexus 7.

it was giving me errors for an hour or so but seems to be fixed about 5 minutes ago - Nexus S 4G (Non-Rooted, Stock, JB)

Yup, happening to me on Evo 3D running ICS (SOS M 2.6.1), and, yes, I have Google Now installed.

*Edit: Seems to be fixed, now.

I thought it was only my phone but I guess not. Nexus on sprint running ICS. I ignored the issue and just happen to come here to check out the razr and what do you know google is experiencing issues... well was...

I just turned off my Nexus S 4G for about an hour after trying to sync over and over and trying the 2-step. At least it is taken care of now.

No errors on my iPhone 4s! Just playing. I've been getting em all night on my galaxy nexus but it looks like its fixed itself.

Resetting Latitude (open Maps, select Latitude, verify permission so GNow can function) after the recent Maps update seems to have fixed the problem on tlmy GS3.

I had the same problem last night, but seems to have fixed itself this morning... VZW GS3

had it last night 9-10pm MST. fixed this am. yay google, and ac for easing my fears that i might have to struggle to find the problem within my phone.

vzw gnex codename android 3.5.

Not too sure about that, I noticed the problem last night and I just ended up renewing my 2-step verification password. Then again they could have fixed the problem at 1am EST.

Yep. Discovered this issue last night on my ASUS TF300. Figured it was a google problem and that it would eventually be fixed. I don't use google now much so I just played a few games and went to bed. Haven't checked this morning yet. Thanks to you guys I have some fixes to try if still needed.

It's been giving this error on and off since last night. It happened earlier this morning too. VZW Gnex Vicious 4.1.1.

Just a thought, but if I remember right, I started getting this on my Nexus7 just after updating Chrome. My GNex didn't see it at all.

I restarted my Nexus7 a couple times, but to no avail - the warning kept coming back.

At some point, I do remember going to Google, and I was signed in. I don't think that was when I stopped getting it. The warning was there in my status this morning, but I was offline at the time so I just swiped it away.

Just now, I did a reboot of the Nexus7 while tethered to the GNex (last night I was on my home WiFi). Wallet icon in the status bar, mail notification, Tasker ...

No warning.

The WiFi icon is still grey though.

Seems to be over. I have to wonder if it wasn't just a bump in the Chrome update path.


did have issue, don't have issue now. it didn't affect anything, other than being displayed. ignored it and went to bed. gone this morning.

I experienced this same situation on my ASUS T300T yesterday. After trying the "Next" button, I got a message that I should switch connections (wifi) or something of the sort. I finally did that and everything was fine. So far, everything is fine this morning. Haven't experienced this on my GS III, and, hopefully, won't.

Don't know if it matters, but my T300T is running Jelly Bean and my GS III is ICS.

Oh man... I am really glad I follow this site daily sometimes hourly thanks guys for keeping us all updated on such things...

Last night I had just dropped a fresh CM10 nightly update on my Galaxy S3 and as soon as it rebooted I noticed the error... all I could say is: "$&%$ this update just messed me up".

Yes, I can confirm that the issue is fixed.


I updated my Gnex and TF201 at the same time to CM10 9/19 nightly and as soon as they rebooted i started noticing this issue... I thought the CM10 was causing it.

No errors in the last 12 hours now for me.

I got around the sign in problem, which I believe was caused by the new Google Maps Update, by going to settings/accounts/google then Maps and latitude, then by unchecking Enable Location history and then rechecking it so that you can "re-accept" the terms of service.

I also went to settings/location services and unchecked all the ticks and then rechecked them and selected agree to all the new terms of services.. and the Login error disappeared..

Hope this helps others..

Wouldn't you know I had just rooted and thought it was my fault that I was getting these sign-in errors. I was quite relieved when I didn't continue to see the messages today!

I have encountered TWO new problems with my Android devices lately:

1. My Galaxy 10.1 Tablet keeps sending irritating messages ´Unable to login,username/password incorrect´ but still opens the email file???
I have tried everything to stop these plinging messages but to no avail.

2. My Galaxy SII smartphone will no longer automatically switch between
Landskape and normal display although I have it ticked to do so. I have
tried unticking,re-setting the phone,trying to delete Google email but
with no luck.

And I tried to de-install Google+ from my tablet as it is a total mess and
jumble of photos and effects without any clear menu to select it all.
Not a good idea to throw ALL the Google apps into ONE drawer...


Yep has been happening to me for about 5 days. Have changed password and recovered account. Does not stop. Appears to be related to "google play" and/or gmail. Google play reports the problem and gmail is not getting new messages.

When checking gmail from a PC, it is getting new messages. Phone says, "couldn't sign in" when trying to access gmail account. But, did receive the "you changed your password email" on the phone.

The messages started last night and it pops up so much that I am unable to access my keyboard long enough to do anything. What can I do?

this helped me.

1. download root browser
2. look for the folder named etc
3. open it and locate a .txt file named host
4 open host and u will see two ip nos. like
127.432.23.750 (plus other things written there)

5. dnt mind them.... just add a # sign infront of the ip number below. just like this

6. save the text file and then restart your phone.

How were you able to download the browser on the phone? My issue is just as described, but I can't download anything b/c it requires me to be logged in to Google...which, therein lies the problem. I can't log in through the flood of error messages...oddly enough, Google is working fine on my computer (hence being able to post here right now)

Hey !
I am try this method but hosts.txt file just have 1 ip of local host. Like, localhost
and nothing !!
can you help me ?

I just started getting a pic kinda like that whenever I try to log into google play store. I hoped restarting my phone would work but no dice. It says "couldn't sign in. Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care." I'm using a Samsung galaxy s3 through straight talk I've tried all the stuff I can find online what do I do?

Hey, I'm having this same issue on a Galaxy S4. any luck on resolving that issue? Same Exact problem only not sure what you meant by a Pic?. i try and log in to my gmail and it gives me the same response as you said word for word

Yes, I've been getting this same message. And I'm not able to download anything from the play store either. It tells me that it is not supported by usb storage or sd card. Now what do I need to do.

Hey, I had the same issue with Samsung mobile as well as this HTC.
In my case both mobiles were having custom bootloaders, so i used it to flash (reset) all user data.
Try it, I hope it will help you.

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