Sprint Hero software update

There's a new software update from HTC for all of us holding on to the Sprint Hero.  This updates the Android 2.1 system from 2.27.651.5 to 2.27.651.6.  To get the update, open settings and cruise to About Phone > System Updates > HTC software updates, then follow the prompts.  Not exactly sure what this is fixing, other than closing the new root exploit, but everyone running a stock Sprint HTC Hero should update accordingly.  Those of us riding the root train should hold off until the developers go over this one to see how to handle the changes.

Anyone notice any differences after updating?  Let us know in the comments and forums!


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Software update available for the Sprint Hero


Please stop asking the same question again and again.
We will not see Live Wallpapers in the officiel Hero Rom.

The phone's specs are not good enough.

After applying the update my dialer lag is pretty much gone. I used to have to wait 5 seconds before typing in the next number to dial. Now it is pretty much instant.

@ mipd1980 and djs71a --

thanks! My phone is rooted and i can't run the ota, so I'm really curious about what it does. Still love my Hero :)

HTC you do understand the only reason you have any popularity is because people like modding you phones That is the only reason you have any relevancy in this current market. But you insist on pushing against the same people that make you relevant

absolutely not, the majority of the people in android root their device. the whole point of android is to have your phone HOW YOU WANT IT! it's open source do your homework

I think it would be awfully hard to say which group is the actual majority! Does it really matter. The fine folks that actually do the work to make the hacks and mods continue to service the group that wants to go in that direction. :)

This is absolutely not true at all. The majority of people using Android don't even know what root is let alone how to use it. Maybe the majority of Android nerds like you and me root their device but the majority of people, no way.

It's also not true that the only reason HTC is relevant is because they allow root. The reason they're relevant is because they keep pushing out high-specced phone after high-specced phone. They're pushing the boundaries of what's commonplace on a phone now and they're benefiting from it.

This entire place seems to have been filled up with trolling idiots who act like they know everything in the last couple weeks and it's getting outrageous.

Actually it is true and I was not talking about android at all. When the touch diamond launched and the touch pro launched they were slow and buggy, HTC and the carriers were really slow to update then. That's where the modders came in. HTC devices have only sold historically in the past because of the outstanding dev community. I came from the blue angel myself. The touch diamond/pro series of phoneswould have not been a success with out xda and the like. That series of phones is what saved HTC and turned them from a ODM to a first party brand name

Hmmm....interesting. Pretty sure I bought my Incredible because I wanted the best of the best in current Android devices. If people buy HTC devices for the easy root......then where is the root for the Incredible? Lol

P.S. I bought my Incredible with no intention to root. I am just not sure if root is for me (I have a hard time justifying breaking warranty on my first Android device). HTC FTMFW!

I should of made it clear. I wad referring to HTC and their windows mobile phones. Before there was even an android phone. With out the support of xda and ppc and such they would have not been as successful

I will not down load the new update because I am keeping the option to root. Not that it matters to some r not I have seen rooted heros running with live wallpaper . Love my hero and to keep it up to date I will continue to root r until they make a smaller version of the Evo

Most of the comments on the link to the sprint website in the article are saying that the patch removes security holes that allow rooting of the phone. . .

Should probably wait and see :)

I had not used the phone but its true the lag is gone on the phone dialer and it sure seems faster now.....as far as rooting my hero I love that I can do it if I really wanted to.....have not had the need to do it though......Android all the way baby.....

this only patches the root exploit that people have been so hard at work trying to get. nothing more, nothing less, no bug fixes no nothing.

Im so happy I ugraded to the Evo and got rid of this P.O.S. phone!!! This is definitely one of the worst phones I have ever had.

Just installed the update. Seems to have fixed the horrible lag I had with the phone dialer since the 2.1 update. Now I guess I can wait for the EVO to come to the employee plans. Maybe..lol. I have EVO envy!!!!!!

I'm currently running Fresh's 2.1, which is very nice. The modding community, and especially flipz, has put untold hours of work into improving the ROMs delivered by Google and all the manufacturers. They all deserve a lot of thanks for their efforts. But I for one am getting pretty weary of this whole mess. I also have a Palm Pre as a backup phone. Yes, the hardware quality stinks in comparison to the Hero and other HTC devices. But Palm manages to push out good updates to all users in an organized and timely manner. Palm also embraces the "modder" community to a far greater extent than Google or HTC. For the past week, I went back to webOS as my primary device. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll come back to Android in a year or so when Android gets better sorted out.