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With the Xperia Z out the door -- and Xperias SP and L due in a few weeks -- Sony Mobile’s attention may be turning to the rest of its 2013 product line-up. That, according to the latest rumors from Japan, might include a duo of Snapdragon 600-powered handsets and a monstrous 6.4-inch tablet hybrid.

According to Japanese site, the Xperia A (codenamed “Dogo”) will arrive on Japanese carrier NTT Docomo this summer. Specs are said to include a 4.6-inch display, the aforementioned Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 2300mAh battery and water and dust resistance. An IR blaster is reportedly on-board too, as is 1Seg Japanese TV support and NFC-based mobile wallet capabilities.

Next up is the Xperia UL (codenamed “Gaga”), which apparently sports a similar design to the America-centric Xperia ZL. As far as specs are concerned the main difference between the two is the upgrade from a Snapdragon S4 Pro to Snapdragon 600. The other vital stats -- 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and 2300mAh battery, haven’t changed all that much. Like the Xperia A, it’s also said to support 1Seg, IR capabilities and mobile wallet.

Finally, Sony’s gigantic 6.4-inch handset, purportedly codenamed “Togari,” remains on the cards according to the Japanese site. In Japan it’s set to launch “later this year” on Docomo, however Sony is said to still be in talks with carriers. If the “Togari” does see a widespread release, it might go up against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which is expected towards the back half of the year.

As always, take these rumors with a pinch of salt, and bear in mind that these Japanese products might look somewhat different when we see them in the West. Regardless, these look like some interesting devices -- in particular, we’re curious to see how Sony tackles the phone/tablet hybrid space.

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Snapdragon 600-powered Sony Xperia A, UL rumored alongside 6.4-inch 'Togari'


And the funny thing is that displays get bigger as well as their resolution but battery still stays the same. 2300mh that'll be enough for what, 5hrs?

6.4 sounds bit but the Note 2 is 5.5

If they fit the entire front of the note with a screen and no home button i think it could stay 6.4 in the same size body.

if that is the case, i will get this day 1.

however i would still rather have a home button with a slightly smaller screen.

generally my moto is

no physical button = no buy.

These are getting quite close to the Kindle Fire/Nook Tablet/Nexus 7 Sweet Spot. Amazon has been rumored to be working on a phone, so it would not take much more silicon to add a LTE radio to the current Kindle Fire HD. Call it the Kindle Phone with a HD screen, dual WiFi radios, LTE and a retail price of $299.

This could also be a way for Nook to become relevant because them and the Kobo Vox color e-reader are a me-too products right now.

Yay Sony, saturate the market. While your phones are awesome. I'm not sure I will be buying the Xperia Z knowing something better is on the horizon.

"Togari" is the name of a famous snow and skiing resort in Japan. I believe it's within Nagano prefecture. Maybe this massive 6.4-incher is named for Togari's massive snow mountains. Although it's just a codename and therefore means nothing, it's still fun.