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Kevin Michaluk, Rene Ritchie and Phil Nickinson joined Smartwatch Fan's Adam Zeis on this special edition #CESlive podcast to talk Pebble Steel and smartwatches galore at CES 2014. We've seen plenty of awesome devices (and some not so much) and we'll still have plenty of coverage to come. This one's quick so give it a watch and hit up the comments with your thoughts. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to our feed(s). And if you haven't visited our yet, do it now (and tell your friends!).



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Smartwatch Fans Podcast 02: #CESlive 2014!


The only way the smartwatch will fail is if everyone stops wearing watches. Their is no reason not to expect more from your watch. Why settle for a gshock that tells time, has a timer, and an alarm. If the same level of durability could be offered wouldn't you like it to be able to do more. From voice controls and the like is this not something to be favored. Why settle for less when you could have more.

I agree its in its infancy but given time they will likely be appropriately sized... very durable... and have great battery life.