Extended battery NFC

If you were holding off on buying one of Seidio's 3800mAh batteries for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus because they weren't compatible with NFC, here's something you'll be interested in. The company has begun offering the big battery with built in NFC circuitry. It's $75, but Seidio says:

When you can’t get to an outlet, our Innocell Super Extended Life Batteries will keep you moving forward. Our Extended Life Batteries utilize premium Japanese cells to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance. Super Extended Life Batteries can offer up to 100% more battery life than your stock battery.

With Verizon's power hungry LTE network, for many a spare battery is a must. Now that they have the NFC issues sorted, you can have that spare, in the XXL size, and still play with your hacked-on Google Wallet. Hit the link for details.

Source: Seidio. Thanks, Mike!


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Seidio offering 3800mAh 'Super Extended Battery' for Verizon Nexus, with NFC


I think the Mugen one looks pretty harsh, although I do like what looks to be a kick-stand on the back? Isn't this for the GSM G-Nex only though?

Only problem with this is, will there be a case for the phone? This would force you to leave the device naked, open to drops and scratches.

Not trying to be a Seidio fan-boy here, just saying it's nice they (seidio) make a case which fits with the battery, and I think with the case, it makes the 3800mah battery look (and maybe feel) better.

It would be nice to see Mugen make this 4000mah for the LTE GNex and also have some kind of compatible case, then they would get my business... especially with the kick stand.

That is a good point, but as I don't normally use a case on my phone I did not think of it. I find faults with both backings, which will probably be the reason I don't purchase either. I hope that one of the companies and produce a cover that matches the styling of the current backing.

I would even prefer a "bump" cover that is only extended where the battery is over both of those.

As far as know, they do not. That video is for the GSM Nexus. I just find the way the Seido one slopes down by the camera very ugly. Maybe the picture makes it look worse than it actually is.

Why even buy a nice looking phone if you're just going to make it hideous with one of these ridiculous looking extended batteries? I'd rather pack 2 back ups than totally kill the look and feel with one of these ugly parasitic growths.

I used to have the extended battery on my Evo 4g, it wasn't honestly that bad and I thought it was much better than carrying around more than one battery which sounds annoying. Later on I ended up switching back to the stock battery and just carrying around a spare. As long as you don't have a George Costanza wallet, and really if you do it hardly matters anyway, you can stash a spare somewhere in your wallet and for the most part forget about it and it's there when you need it. Just remember to top it off from time to time and you'll be good without having to make your phone look like it needs to hit weight watchers.

Jerry - your welcome, I sent the tip. For everyone mentioning how big and ugly the battery may be...

What is the point of buying an LTE device with a beautiful HD screen, when you have to turn LTE off and dim the brightness all the way so your phone can (barely) make it through a day? I will be buying this battery and enjoying using my phone more often, with out having to be concerned with battery life anymore!

I'm with ya. But ill wait until the price comes down to about $40 bucks. Maybe by the time the 4.0.4 ota comes out?

I probably won't be buying another Seidio battery in my life unfortunately. The one I had in my Droid Incredible degraded extremely fast and sooner than later, was much worse off than the stock 1300mAh battery. Mine was only the 1750mAh, not the 3500. Still though..

Looks like moto is starting to get the idea with the maxx. I hope Verizon sells so many of them that they ask all future phones have a respectable battery life.

I've used the Seidio extended batteries in many applications through the years and have had good luck with them. I'd buy this one in a heartbeat if I didn't have to give up my OtterBox Defender case to use it. if OtterBox comes out with Defender to fit, I'll get it, regardless of the cost.