Seesmic for Android

In a case of being careful what you wish for, Seesmic for Android got itself an update today that brings along some added functionality -- as well as the inclusion of in-app advertising.  But we'll get to that in a second.

First, the good: Seesmic -- which long has been my Twitter client of choice, even if I've strayed from time to time --has added the ability to view Instagram and Twitter photos directly in the timeline, and you can no natively add images to Twitter proper. It's removed support for Chatter, and fixed some bugs. Good stuff. 

And, yes, advertising has been added. But there's also a Premium version available. And for that $2.99, you'll get rid of the ads, plus a few more new features, such as the ability to combine views from different accounts. (Kinda like you can do in other Twitter apps.) For those of us who run multiple Twitter accounts, that should be three bucks well spent.

Update: Looks like the pro unlock doesn't work on Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason. Let's hope that gets fixed ASAP.

Source: Seesmic; Download: Free, Premium


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Seesmic for Android updates with Instagram viewing, adds ads to the free version


Interesting timing. I've been using Seesmic for some time and was intrigued when I saw Carbon. Looking forward to Twitter clients having some competition and seeing what the devs produce!

I like Seesmic, in principle, but I stopped using it because it can't (or won't) make photos in Facebook a reasonable size. They stay as a thumbnail on my HTC Inspire and on my Kindle Fire, making it effectively unusable for everyday Facebook use. Once they fix that (Tweetdeck can do it...I don't see why Seesmic can't...), I'm all on board!

That, or if they integrate Google+. That, alone, may be enough to entice me.

No ads so far in my free version. With Boid and Carbon on their way, no need for me to purchase. Im not big on facebook so I dont use it for that.

I can install the Pro unlock on my GNex, but I can't install the app itself (I already had the older version installed, but now the Play Store says it's incompatible). Is anyone else seeing this problem?