Owners of the EVO 3D can now download a security update for their device, which will begin pushing to all users on October 27. Sprint says that software version 2.08.651.3 will inlude security improvements, though it fails to detail just what these improvements are. Regardless, you can pull now, though Sprint reminds you that like all updates, it will roll out in stages. If you can't find it today, try try again, or sit back and relax until you receive it automatically later this week. Hit the source link for installation instructions.

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Security update for the EVO 3D goes live today


News by HTC got loaded up again with new stories for some reason. i always keep sources fully cleared to zero and update schedule set to manual in settings. i had to go in and fully delete/clear settings again.

i didn't notice anything else - or any new crapware - yet.

I didn't see anything either but it did reset all the setting to factory on what to sync and not sync. It was an annoyance but not the end of the world.

Downloading now - 9.3MB

Just a guess, but it's probably to plug the security hole in Sense that HTC announced about a month ago.

Its not just the Evo 3D but the whole Evo family getting an update..4G..shift etc..
I went to do a profile update for another issue and was surprised by this update. I have ESP.

What I really want is to fix the Sense rebooting issue, I assume this wont since its a simple security update..unless Sense restarting all the time is considered a security issue.. wishful thinking..

aceB I JUST got off the phone with HTC about this issue with my shift. I am SO OVER IT!!! They said their is NOTHING they can do and its not on EVERY phone which I think is Bull just not everyone knows its not normal and does not complain about it. Cause this is my second phone and I have done the Reset and I keep my phone very clean and up to date. I am so aggravated that I am going to have to deal with this for another 15 mos till I can get an upgrade especially when I paid out of pocket as it is. So aggravated!!

Yup! I hear you! That's pretty much the reason that I bought the EVO 3D. I could care less about the 3D feature, but it's nice to have a version of sense that's not randomly restarting. My girlfriend is wanting an EVO 4G, if the price drops, but I think I should talk her into getting the old Nexus for cheap.

Was in Target a couple days ago and they had the EVO 4G for $19, I didn't check but I assume that's on a new contract. Saw that a week after getting it for $50 at one of the local Sprint stores for my son.

There is a fix floating around the internet, involving temporarily rooting your phone, and going into the command line prompt... Basically is has to do with the improved memory management of gingerbread, with is more aggressively closing running apps in the background to extend battery life and such, but its closing Sense too if your away from it for too long. Its treating Sense as any other random app when it should have some sort of "do not kill" status.

aceB do you have more information on this link etc? Thanks so much for your help I want to get this fixed its driving me crazy! lol

Update complete, no new apps from what I can see,Netflix still works and I am happy, so must be just back door secruity update, Love my 3D,

Let's get this update. Gotta keep everything up to date. Weeks away from my Google Galaxy Nexus great way to end 2011 with both my beloved Evo 3d the 2 best android devices in technology..

Wow... I just installed the update, and after checking a new text message using Handcent SMS... Sense restarted!! If this is an ongoing issue, I'm gonna be highly ticked off!!

In the process of............... Don't remember a phone with so many issues, freeze ups, contradictory issues on signal strength, continuous teleNav anomalies, this is my 3rd one. However, 2nd one was bathed by technician while installing Zagg invisible shield. It's not what I would consider a quality phone, at least not the ones I've had.

downloading and installing - Portugal Vodafone here

edit: got 3 3D games - NFS Shift, Spider Man and The Sims

This is the security patch nothing to do with restarts.I never had a big restart problem.Only for a day or so after installing a mms/sms app.Most of the time that is the problem a bad app.