Anybody hankering to get their hands their hands on a developer edition of the HTC One (M8) will only have until the end of tonight to get one at the promotional price of $50 off. The developer edition has an easily unlockable bootloader and doesn’t have any of that nasty carrier bloatware on top.

At midnight tonight, the cost of the HTC One (M8) Developer Edition will go up to $700, so better get cracking at the HTC online store. Expect yours to ship in the next week or two. Anybody still sitting on the fence? Who’s already ordered one?

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Save $50 on the HTC One M8 Unlocked or Dev Edition for a limited time!


I bought one. And in the T&C, "LTC will collect sales tax in CA, TX, and IL on all items, unless otherwise stated on the site."

Also, overnight shipping is free at the moment.

I received my phone today, enjoying it!

Hasn't it been $650 the entire time? I didn't realize that was a promotional offer... $650 seems plenty pricey to me.

You can get it from AT&T for $640 and have whatever extra stuff the carrier puts on it as well. 10 extra bucks isn't much at that level.

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U can get one an amazon for $649 all time i checked it yesterday. And overtime its gonna decrease prolly

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Anyone know if they charge sales tax in Ohio? I'm at the payment information screen and it's giving me a tax:unknown. The next button I can click is to "place order," so it doesn't look like they are going to tell me until my order is already placed.

When I am ready to purchase, I'll be doing so from Amazon then.
There was never any specification that stated the $649 was a promotional price. Not cool HTC, I sold my Note 3 last night for $550, and was looking forward to getting the M8 for $100 more when my funds are available via PayPal.

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Sign up for a free creditcard, buy the M8, pay the credit card when the funds clear, cancel the credit card (assuming you don't already have one)

This is not exactly great advice since opening and closing credit accounts (hard inquiries) can adversely affect your credit score. Total BS but true.

I dont think its either a 650.00 or 700.00 upgrade from the HTC ONE (m7)...

I also think it will come down eventually or grab a pre-owned one off ebay in a month or 2

The One M7 didn't drop in price until the M8 was announced. Actually it increased in price as well. It was originally $575 straight from HTC, but they increased the price to $600 a few months later.

Too rich for my blood. My Moto X cost me half. Though if I had the money to burn I'd for sure pick one of these up.

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Too rich for mine as well, my nexus 5 serves me quite well.
Though I do like the HTC one a little more now that is has on screen navigation. I'm someone who always had a case on his phone so I'm not paying a premium for it, also I still don't like the low 4 mpx camera and lack of OIS
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Prices for this phone is already dropping fast. Some are selling it on Swappa for $570 new or Mint. Both AT&T and Verizon models.
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Did you even read the article? Actually the price is increasing. the article title is very misleading.

This doesn't make sense...650 are the prices for Dev and unlocked currently. So after tonight they are going up to 700?

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HTC failed mention that $650 was a temporary, promotional price.

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I guess this means I'm buying from att and have to deal with the bloat and logo. It'll be a bit easier on the wallet paying monthly for it too.

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Save $50? More like save $0, pay $50 more if you don't buy it now. Based on the article title, I thought they were on sale for $600. Instead, it's just an old fashion price increase.

Once HTC puts a removable battery in their flagship I'll definitely give it a try. Until then my S5 can't get to my doorstep soon enough...

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Be honest... did you even order an extra battery for the S5? Do you always keep an extra battery charged, carry it around in your pocket, and then swap when your first battery runs out?

Actually I keep an extra battery in my pocket EVERYWHERE I go. Me and my wife have galaxy S4's with external battery chargers and about 4 extra batteries on deck. My S4 virtually has never been used with a normal phone charger.
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To me that is an awfully annoying way to use a phone constantly taking off the case and back to swap batteries and have to shut down and start up again.

Myself until the nexus 4 all of my phones had removable batteries and I rarely removed them other than tinkering. I've had the nexus 4 and now 5 and I don't miss the removable battery at all.

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And thanks for reminding me about the extra battery for the S5. I already ordered a tempered glass screen protector and Neo hybrid case but I forgot about a extra battery. Amazon here I come...
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Can the bootloader be unlocked on the unlocked. I want a gunmetal one but developer is only available in silver....

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Look on xda

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I have a HTC One M7 and I love it. I really like this new model but until I get absolute confirmation that the purple camera issues are gone, then I will think about it.

I almost bought a dev edition despite the (arguably) inferior camera and form factor compared to m7, but for some reason they refuse to include pentaband WCDMA on their unlocked/dev editions, so if I want more HSPA+ on T-Mobile, I can apparently just suck it. HTC, you have the best industrial design bar-none, but why the hell do you not enable AWS band on your unlocked phones? *cry*

Still more expensive than the S5

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you