Samsung Stratosphere

We have heard about the Samsung Stratosphere for a while now, and we have anxiously been awaiting it's official release on Verizon Wireless, and the day has come. If our hands-on got you excited, and you are in need of a new device will you be looking into this one? This 4G LTE 1GHz powered, 4-inch sliding QWERTY is priced at $199 on a two year agreement, and for those looking to avoid contracts this will set you back $409. Picking one of these up? Be sure to share your thoughts on it in our forums!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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How similar is this spec wise to the OG Epic on Sprint? Just wondering? . . . And with a 1GHZ proc do we get better battery life on LTE?

nerdydesi says:

This comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) out of the box. It does have a beefier battery than the Epic 4G, probably for the increased power drain for current, early-generation LTE radios.

It still comes with the older Super AMOLED screen from last year vs. the Super AMOLED+ in this year's models like the Droid Charge.

radgatt says:

For some reason I thought I saw somewhere where it said it was going to be $149 for a two year contract.

$50 rebate puts it at $150. Looks like it's a mail in rebate at the store. Or instant rebate if you purchase online.

mustangboy88 says:

What if....just what if... this was the Samsung release that VZW was holding back for not releasing the GSII. Imagine the torches and pitchforks we will see from all the geeks in front of VZW stores.

Mobius360 says:

Just a guess but I don't see this staying at $199 on contract for long.

Also this phone should be called the Samsung Emulate 4G.

im not too fond of samsung phones anymore. im even contemplating skipping the nexus prime. i got the droid charge as a replacement for my tbolt and i hate it, im trading it this weekend for a dinc2. htc has bad battery life but the build quality is outstanding.

El Jefe says:

The build quality of a Motorola would really blow your mind then, not to mention the battery life.

amojeba says:

Agreed. My Moto Droid X has awesome battery life and excellent build quality.
I'm on the lookout for another Moto phone, although there's nothing wrong with this one.

See this on wirefly and amazon for $49 by the end of October.

so Samsung can put gingerbred on a Droid Charge Slider, but not the original? Hoping that the Prime is in fact a Nexus so it'll get updates. Nice hardware Sammy, but a big BOO for software.

nitestorm says:

Actually, it's for free with new contract over at the Wirefly.

I can't believe that this phone comes with 2.3 and the epic still has no update. Unbelievable.

cheburashka says:

Yeah bummer :-(