Galaxy Premiere 2014

Samsung's sending out invites for an event it's calling "Galaxy Premiere 2014," to be held in New York City on June 12. The invite leaves little to the imagination, with the slogan "tab into color" strongly suggesting we'll see new Galaxy Tabs at the event. The announcement was actually pre-empted in an interview by Samsung boss JK Shin just a few hours ago.

Recent rumors suggest we'll get up to three new Samsung tablets in the new "Galaxy Tab S" range, including AMOLED models, and perhaps even a whopping 13.3-inch slate. Though as was the case at last year's Premiere 2013 in London, there's always the chance we'll see more devices in other categories.

We'll be live from NYC on June 12 to bring you full coverage of Samsung's new tablets, and anything else on show, so stay tuned!


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Samsung to show new Tabs at 'Galaxy Premiere' event on June 12



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I won't make the obligatory comment about too many Samsung tablets, but how are these expected to compare to the Galaxy Tab Pro line? Are these supposed to be more high end? I haven't seen much information on specs for these new tablets.

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Never mind, found some info on the specs. It's still puzzling why they'd announce these a mere 4 months after the Galaxy Tab Pro line was released. At least with Apple you generally get a full year before your shiny new toy is replaced by a newer model.

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I hate that line of reasoning. Samsung's pro line are high end to take on apple. Note series has s-.pen to take on surface. Tab line is cheaper to compete with other crappy android tablets out there. If each line was by a different company nobody would bat an eye. Samsung releases distinct lines that don't really compete with each other but competes with all their competitors on all fronts. It is good business.
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Gee, thanks for constructive comments guys. How about instead of insinuating I don’t know what I’m talking about, you help me understand why they would release another line of high end tablets so soon after the previous line?

Hans Pedersen: Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not the first time Samsung has actually released multiple lines of tablets that are very similar to each other in such a short period of time? If so, then this is a new approach, and thus there’s no way to determine whether or not they are doing fine with it. What company do you run by the way? You must run some Fortune 500 company since you obviously have so much insight based on your intelligent comment that contains multiple grammatical errors.

sojibby: I don’t recall objecting to Samsung offering multiple distinct lines of tablets. Obviously, they cater to different users with different use cases and budgets. It’s interesting how you did not mention the Tab S line in your comment too, which is what the article was about. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aside from having slightly higher specs, the Tab Pro and Tab S lines do not appear to be distinctly different.

what if these are tablets running tizen?
Only way I can see differentiation between pro line..

Sounds like it will simply be slightly different screen sizes (10.5", 13.3", etc) using AMOLED tech.
Predictions is that they will be nice enough but the RRP will be huge, then tumble after a few months.

It's a tidal wave of tablets, don't get drowned! Non-techies will probably need a 2hr consultation in order to decide which Galaxy Tab they should buy!

Maybe Samsung need to produce a sales flowchart - Which device should you buy :)

With a little luck, the introduction of these will cause a drop in the prices of the Pro models, and I can finally buy one of those.

Wait... Samsung is not using the Unpacked name... interesting... Also, there's this rumored S5 Prime. Premire, prime. You can spell prime with primere. hmmmmm...