But don't worry, the company still made $7.73 billion in profit in three months

Samsung has just posted its Q4 2013 earnings, and while the numbers are still large in every category there were some troubling decreases in revenues and profit in most sectors. In a quarter usually dominating the rest of the year because of holiday sales, Samsung's profits rose just 0.3 percent, with operating profit dipping 18 percent. Here are highlights:

  • Total revenues of $55.13 billion, up 0.3 percent quarter-over-quarter
  • Operating profit of $7.73 billion, down 18 percent q-o-q
  • Mobile revenues of $31.52 billion, down 9 percent q-o-q
  • Mobile operating profit of $5.09 billion, down 18 percent q-o-q

The only segments of Samsung's business that didn't drop in the quarter were Consumer Electronics (TVs and appliances) and Semiconductors (processors, RAM, etc.), although those two segments combined are only about two-thirds the size of the Mobile Communications business.

So what happened in mobile? Samsung says that demand increased for both smartphones and tablets in the quarter — as you would expect — but that earnings were down in the segment due to high expenses. Big spending in marketing and one-time expenses cut into the traditionally large profits for the holiday quarter. Shipments of smartphones were also down just slightly due to inventory adjustments. Samsung calls out the Galaxy Tab 3 and Note 10.1 (2014) as driving tablet sales, with North America and Europe receiving most of the shipments.

As for the 2014 outlook, Samsung says it expects price and product competition to increase through the year as more people switch from featurephones to smartphones around the world. The combat the pressure, the company plans to diversify its mid- and high-end products to "address customer needs," as well as push various new tablets through both developed and emerging markets.

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Samsung Q4 2013 earnings are in — revenues up slightly, profits down for the Korean manufacturer



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Fourth quarter VERY LARGE for SAMSUNG.

Those manufacturers on the android platform can ONLY WISH they were able to generate this total income or total market share numbers.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period....

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Don't hate participate in purchasing products then you will know the real deal...

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Yes, because "purchasing products" is the only thing that matters in life. Why don't you, you know, actually get a life?

But, what does that have to do with lamps?

Samsung doesn't make lamps...

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No, tdizzel posted a link, I viewed said link, and after posting a reply to his reply, tdizzel's comment was obliterated by the almighty spam filter, lol.

Yeah the AC spam filter is the absolute worst. The whole comments section needs an overhaul, but they know that.

Maybe if they didn't make 8 or more different type of tablets and premium prices and who knows how many phones. Samsung's biggest markets are India and China which most have limited access too. If they were to limit the mobile devices so they weren't making so many they would get a better return on their products instead of flooding the market with so may. only an opinion. Also makes me wonder how much they have had to pay for patent infringement and licensing fees. Last I heard they were still appealing Apple's suit.

And yet the numbers tell a different story than your delusional imaginings. The title alone disagrees with your wishful thinking. You're possibly the only fanboy who reads "revenues up *slightly*, profits *down*" and claims it was "very large for Samsung" (whatever the h*ll that means). What a joke.

I swear Samsung makes everything. They will be making flexible cheetos next.

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When you flood the market with cheap s#*t, this is what happens.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Not really, i just think the marketing budget is starting to catch up with the sales. Like T-Mobile, eventually the bill has to come due.

They do not make cheap phones.

Not to mention, the S4 was an incredible seller, but not the S3 in my opinion.

but a most of them are targeted at varied markets. The real cheap ones really never make it to the US.

The S3 and S4 are cheaply manufactured yet sold for a premium price. People either are or should be aware cheap plastic and proprietary parts are part of Samsung's manufacturing process as well as their higher than premium pricing.

Nevertheless, many have become used to Samsung's Touchwiz UI and have become addicted in part by crowd behavior and the need for validated acceptance.

Word is, Samsung is now in the process of radically changing their UI, may now produce less flimsy handsets, finally get rid of the stupid old school physical button, and further fork from Android and utilize more proprietary hardware while they have such a large fan base in a further reach for Android domination.

For the sake of competition and innovation we should hope they don't prevail.

In a month or so, we will all know and likely engage in comparative arguments all over again.

People hate the material, but I would not call the S3 (didn't have the S4 long enough to remember) cheaply made.

It is plastic but durable and the plastic actually serves a function (access to the battery, SDCARD). It is very durable, hard to break, hard to scratch and easy to replace.

I will take that over scratch and dent (ONE), shatter (N4) any day.

As far as proprietary parts, who cares? Are you gonna switch out the RAM? How about the flash storage? What the screen? They sell that to everyone, it is their tech. That argument has no merit.

TW is a love or hate thing. I love it because I use the features. I think the only ones I have off right now are smart scroll and smart stay. The camera app (which is part of TW) is second to none.

The Note back is a huge step up from the S3, and I would rather see them go that way than cave to the metal crowd.

Without even looking I'll bet the S3 had more units sold, worldwide, than the S4.

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I would guess so to, and that is one of the reasons the S4 did not sell as well as the S3, 2 year contracts.

Those will be up when the S5 comes around

How come this Richard dude is always on Samsung's d*ck? I like Samsung and all but trolls like him make me wanna hate them. Go jump on apple's nutz.

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Because this Richard dude purchases new products every year in various categories.

I pay the cost to be the BOSS I am not a fly by night customer been buying since 2011.

Now pick your LIP off the floor.

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1. The fact that you refer to yourself in the 3rd person proves you are literally insane.
2. Contrary to your pitiful viewpoint, you are not "the boss" of anything. You paid roughly $300 for your Note 3 on T-Mobile. Anyone with the same amount of money (which isn't much) can do the same thing. Now, a $70,000 car on the other hand, is a more significant investment, and I'm sure many would possibly then consider you to be "the boss" (probably not).
3. Before your "pimp slapping" Note 3, you had the Note 2. And before that you had an S3. Now call me crazy, but within the past year and half, you've had only 2 phones, both of which were "phablets". Thus, your claim that you get "new products every year in various categories" is untrue.
4. What does half the crap you just said even mean? I swear, all the "kool" (your spelling) sayings you have are from the 80's or 90's. Time to get with the 2010's.

Point three

Give some slack there. I have only "owned" a couple of phones in the last year, But I can honestly say that I have had every major release in my hands for 1-4 weeks depending on my source. Some work, some professional contact, some personal loan.

If your connected you can do anything...

You are the furthest thing possible from a 'boss'. You spend hours sucking off samsung in every place you can find. Why don't you stop jerking off, go outside, meet some people and get a f****** life.

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I think it's funny how some people take what he says personal. He's been like this for some time now, he has a right to his opinion regardless of how biased it might be at times. If he thinks that him and his note are boss and together they pull in the ladies then more power to him. Now, my yellow Lamborgini, my boss phone and I are gonna go race down some roads in Miami..

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Let's wait till the end of the year, if they keep on losing money for the rest of the quarters this year than its something for Samsung to worry about.. Look they had 2 whole year of non stop just profits increasing so to have a minor blip after 2 years isn't something to get worried about. Samsung probably just need to do some balancing with how much they spend on marketing and also you need to take into consideration the 750 million that went on employee bonuses. They still made billions in profit so let's say that even if they were on the decline or messed up, the fact that they are so far ahead not just in market share but profits means that they can afford blips here and there and it also means they have the comfort of fixing any issues they may think they have because the lead they have gives them time that unfortunately oems like HTC don't have.

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Lol was trying to say if the profits keep on decreasing but as you just reminded they are making money in the billions so it will be a while before they even saw a negative if they are in decline which anyone would any logic would say not anywhere close.

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Still don't understand why there is a Tab line and a Note line. One tablet to rule them all...not two.

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I'm not a fan of Samsung's phones but there is one thing they do know how to make, TVs. Mine is two years old and it still holds it's own quality-wise against the competition.

Love their TVs period. Every TV I've ever bought has been a Samsung, and nothing beats them, period.


The RCA I bought 15 years ago just will not die, no matter how hard I try. I cannto get a flat screen until it does (wife supports my phone habit, but that is as far as it goes)

Good Luck, I bought an RCA for my dad right when the Gulf War started, the FIRST Gulf War in the 1991, and it still runs perfect. Remember watching the night bombing of Baghdad on it on the showroom floor.

Agreed!! Their tvs are top of the line!! I've had mine for probably 6yrs now and it still holds its own.. Granted is not a smart TV but it was the best you could get at the time. (I researched for months before I bought it) Nothing beats Samsung tvs period!!! Sorry couldn't help it.. Lol

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He's a boss because he buys new smartphones. If that's not ghetto fabulous, nothing is!

merry holidays