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Samsung has once again started rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3. The update first landed in Poland a few weeks back, before being sent out to Korean S3 owners last week. However, the new firmware version has yet to see a widespread roll-out.

Today it seems the company’s ready to move ahead with Jelly Bean on the international Galaxy S3, as a new Jelly Bean-based firmware, version XXDLIH, has started pushing out to S3 owners in Sweden.

As we reported a couple of months back, the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update includes many new features, aside from the standard Android 4.1 features like Google Now and “Project Butter.” Anyone pulling down the new Jelly Bean-based ROM will also get new TouchWiz features, including Blocking Mode for managing notifications, an alternate home screen setup called Easy Mode, and certain Galaxy Note 2 features, such as Smart Rotation.

If you’ve got Jelly Bean up and running on your Galaxy S3, hit the comments and let us know how you’re getting on.

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Samsung once again pushing out Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3


Hope is exclusive for note II, so can show off to my gsIII user. Just jking but Samsung might said that is a simple pen feature.

Given that we are in Germany, we will be lucky if we get an update this year... I waited more than a year for my galaxy tab to be updated after the update was released :/

I have a Galaxy Note from DBT Germany and it is usually the first Note worldwide to get updated. I'm very happy with this! But the German DBT S3 doesn't get updated as quickly, really. I hope the pick up the pace with the S3!

Try Canada and by looking at the past record for our service providers, we will probably get it by mid-2013. :(

I have the Poland version on my phone in the UK, it does not have the split screen feature well not that I have been able to use. Both S voice and google now are on the build. It's working well enough but still seems a bit buggy for a full release, specially with a 3rd party keyboard. Hopefully this is just due to where I got the download from, will try the official UK release when it's ready in the meantime back to CM10

The contacts list on my GS3 ICS takes a few seconds to open. It´s too annoying. Is it fixed on JB? Sometimes it takes a while to refresh the main page when I press the home button. Hope it´s better on JB.

The contacts delay isn't fixed on the polish version, as for the home button delay that's still there but does get fixed if you turn the double tap setting off for S voice.

So happy I just read this! That delay on the home button drives me insane... and I barely use S-Voice turned that double tap off... and BOOM INSTANT responsiveness. So great. Thanks!

Sorry to our fellow Polish and Swedish users, but you'd think Samsung would focus on the larger markets first, the ones that essentially control most Samsung sales and also would buy their future products.

They promised Jelly Bean would be available soon after launch. It's now been close to 4-5 months, and only now have they rolled it out to a few select markets.

Where's the US/Canada? Where is Japan? The UK? Germany/France?

I couldn't agree more. I'm in Canada on the Rogers network and am anxiously awaiting the JB release, especially because I'm a relatively new Android user surrounded by brainwashed iOS users... Help!!

We often don't get these updates first in the US for a number of reasons. I think mainly because we are such a large market that if an update is a fail, it would be harder to fix quickly. We also have carriers that take their time in "testing" updates before giving a thumbs up. I'm glad that the Internet is open for all devices and wish our wireless system worked similarly.

Does anyone know if the phone dialer will stay in landscape mode when placing or receiving a call? This is very annoying when docked. The dialer switches to landscape but the call screen only operates in portrait mode! Unprofessional programming on Samsung's part.

For those here in the US that cannot wait any longer.....

I have been running the 10/7/12 leak, Odexed, on my Sprint SIII and it is working great. Had 1 random reboot but otherwise no other bugs I can find. I do prefer AOSP ROMs but I must say the TouchWiz version of JB is my favorite if I had to pick a flavor of Android other than vanilla.

Oh and if you want to see ROM review and how to install videos for this, refer to


Couldn't wait so went on an AOSP ROM by ParanoidAndroid. I think S3's processor are so quick, like many reviews before, you won't notice a difference in speed. I never used TW, always had ADW as my launcher.

Only features of Samsung stock I'll miss would be Smart Stay, Camera Unlock (Rotation thing is pretty cool) and the camera itself.