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Despite a name which almost screams low end, the Samsung Galaxy Pop is far from low end. Packing a quad-core processor, LTE, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and many of the software bells and whistles the Galaxy S 3 has, the Galaxy Pop doesn't sound bad at all. Granted, it isn't something we'll be seeing anytime soon in European or North American markets, but it is on sale in Samsung's native South Korea. 

Previously only available in white or grey, Samsung's latest push on the device sees this insanely colored bright orange version launching. Samsung is hoping to capture the imagination of younger smartphone users with this one, but one thing is certain -- it definitely stands out in a crowd.

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It's CrackBerry orange! :D Silly Samsung.

Lol @Michelle. im guessing U just wanted to say it as soon as U saw the colour of the phone.:)

First thing that came to mind. :P

Darth Spock says:

하고 싶다

hongdawg says:


Gearu says:

Love it. If the S4 turns out to be a disappointment/only equal to other phones- which is likely, I've already decided to get something average to replace my dead S2, to tide me over till someone decides to put some real effort into a top end phone. This is fantastic and the orange seals the deal for me, but won't be compatible with networks here.

MrFlipnote says:

And all I'm wondering is why on earth Samsung did not release this brightly orange phone in the Netherlands during the upcoming change of the monarch, as orange is the Dutch royal colour!

PJMAN2952 says:

No. Just no.

hoosiercub says:

Why not?

PJMAN2952 says:

The color is horrible for a phone in my opinion.

This might be a stupid question but... if it's a Korean company releasing a phone only available in Korea... why bother putting the company name or phone name in English?

ridie1389 says:

K-POP bro. Which leads me to think Gangnam Style will be its theme song

LipGloss712 says:

That orange would have been awesome for San Francisco and the bay area. Hello World Series Champs, the San Francisco Giants! We bleed orange and black. (also, red and gold :)

The color is definitely a home a run. But isn't the phone an exact copy of a Galaxy? Maybe they just wanted to re-market the S3 under a new name and color.

Reciprocal says:

Well, it is called the Galaxy Pop. There's no reason it wouldn't look like other Galaxy phones.

chuckh0308 says:

I love the color! Seriously. If the Note 2 had been available in orange or red, I would have bought it!

randall2580 says:

Orange is my favorite color and for those of us who like to have things you don't see every day that would certainly make it interesting to me!