Samsung Kies

Although it's not our most favorite desktop software to use, Samsung Kies does come in handy at times. It's been a while since Samsung updated the desktop syncing solution but now Samsung has shown some love to both Windows and Mac users as the latest update has now been released.

A change log for this release seems to be absent but a quick look at the updated app reveals that Samsung has put some time in to improve the UI a little and make it more visually appealing. For Mac users, you'll find this latest release also works with Mountain Lion correctly.

Whether you use the app daily or just want to have installed just in case, you'll find the links below.

Source: Samsung

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nanosman#AC says:

finally ive been waiting for kies to work on mountain lion

kt99hk says:

can you pls share how you managed that? My S4 is trying to connect with kies but cannot establish connection.



Crashes every time I try to pull 200mb+ video files off my S3 :(

That was on my PC. On my Mac it takes forever to list the pictures on my device. This software is a joke

dfdesign says:

Backup just gets stuck in preparing mode. Will not complete

magesh_magi1 says:

New iTunes look.. Samsung you can do better..

Erebuss says:

So what is your favorite desktop software to use?

web0rama says:

nothing for kies air? meh.

Wow, this is spectacularly awful. Unstable, buggy mess. I confess I'm an apple user, moved from iOS as its dull and love my galaxy s3 but Samsung should be ashamed of this. Spent a good 2 hours trying to make some sense of it. Got it working for a bit but took 5 mins to recognise my phone, tried the wireless option too, stayed connected for 10 minutes! Uninstalled. Samsung need to get their act together to keep their new customers. I shouldn't need to use 3rd party software to use their flagship phone. They need a kick up the arse on jellybean too.

LadyDi says:

Did I miss the link(s)??