Galaxy Xcover

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Xcover, yet another Galaxy phone, and this one comes IP67 certified to take some real abuse.  This one is clearly aimed at folks who are less than gentle with their electronics, but still want or need an Android smartphone.  Like we first saw with the Motorola Defy, the IP67 certification means the Xcover is dust and dirt resistant, and can be submerged in water a meter deep for up to a half hour. 

No specs have been announced for the insides, but Samsung tells us that it will be packing a scratch-resistant display, a 3.2MP camera with LED flash, 7.2Mbps HSDPA radios, and Gingerbread skinned with Touchwiz.  Set to be released in October, no word on whether or not we'll see this on stateside.

Source: Samsung Germany (Google translate)


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Samsung Galaxy Xcover announced; IP67 certified with Gingerbread and Touchwiz


It is lame alernative.. Defy is much better in hardware,anyways we got gingerbread,cm7 and many other rom and yet we still have locked BL.
So what i am telling is that there is a way to remove Motoblur BUT there is no need on some versions of Defy/(and other Motorola phones) beacuse they dont have Motoblur ! So there are blur versions and NON-blur versions.

Defy+ is right around the corner .

And i must admit that i am glad to see more devices marked as waterproof ! I just like that "feature", it doesnt matter what brands they are . :)

i would like a waterproof/dustproof phone that is a high end dual core. Like the galaxy sII. I am a contractor and am hard on my phone. I am not sure why they keep coming up with these mid grade phones.

Uhm,when you take a look back in time about six months ago.. HTC desire was super-duper ultra fast phone high end all thins just like the Defy . So there you had high end waterproof phone..but now everything is changeing and noone is satisfied with their singlecore phone. LOL anyways i would like the dualcore cpu too but it wont happen so soon. Or maybe who knows..

I think phones like these are amazing, TouchWiz or not. If you ask me, it's about time all phones are built like this.