Samsung Galaxy Tab TouchWiz update

Word on the street -- that'd be the Twitter street -- and in our World Famous Galaxy Tab Forums is that the over-the-air TouchWiz update is now available for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, just as Samsung promised.

Still wondering what you'll be getting if you choose to apply this update? We've got you covered.

To snag the update, you'll need to go to Settings>About Tablet and then hit the Update button. (You'll also need to be registered with Samsung's update service.)

For those of you (and we know there aren't many) with the Google IO special edition Galaxy Tab, we're not yet seeing the update on ours. Let's hope that gets pushed out soonest.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 TouchWiz update available now


Yup. Its confirmed. I just downloaded and installed the update. It does however as some of you mentioned seem to lock your bootloader. I don't see the unlocked lock anymore. :(

Seems to run much faster and the menu screen are very clear and nice. I'm in Florida by the way!

I'm having the same problem. It won't even let me login using an existing Samsung account, saying that the password is incorrect (I know it's correct because I'm logged in on their web site)

I had this problem after a factory reset and it took forever to Samsung to direct me to the place to fix it. Their Tech Service still has a ways to go. Anyway, here's a link that should let you reset your password (btw, the Samsung hardware login is not necessarily the same as the one you would use to purchase things on the website--you probably know that, but just sharing for others). Click on "Login" and follow the instruction for "lost password"

I was able to resolve the issue by changing my Samsung account password on the Samsung website. After a few minutes, using the new credentials, I was finally able to log in on my Tab.

Remind me again, why I want TW on my Google I/O Tab? (which is now in Richardson for screen issues. Yet it is still my Fav. Tablet) I have TW on my Mesmerize, Charge, and Tab 7.0 I like it, in none of those locations. -- Jerry, when I get the GT 10.1 back, then later hit update, looking for 3.2 next. Will I auto get the TW added? Will I have an option to opt out? Thanks.

I do not have much time to play with it extensively this morning but so far, it's pretty good! Everything seems to animate quicker and smoothly. I love the miniapp tray. I'm not a big fan of the gray bottom bar but I'm one of those people that actually like the stock honeycomb UI. Otherwise, great job Samsung!

I must say as an Android user and registered to multiple Android websites one of the biggest gripes and complaints I see and hear is why the hell do these manufacturers insist on putting a skin on top of the pure Andorid experience. We want stock Google or we want stock Android...Now everyone that has a pure stock Samsung tablet is running to install the TouchWiz skin on top of their Stock Android. lol. All of a sudden it's BETTER! One thing I realize in this world is that people will never be happy unless there's something to complain about. :-)

Dang. No update available for my retail tab. Guess I get to play the check every hour (or 5 min) game today.

After having to reset my password I was finally able to log in. Of course now it says no update available. I just got my tab, so I can guess I play with the stock gingerbread until it lets me update.

wow. this update gave a new life for my tab. Calendar app is much better... keyboard too. Nice ebook reader. Widgets bar realy cool.

Just attempted to upgrade to T/W, the OTA firmware update has bricked my 10.1. Spoke with Samsung tech support they were aware that some devices were experiencing the same problem. They are currently working on a fix. They said they were going to get back to me sometime today. Bummer it didn't work and it sucks that my tablet is inoperable at this time. Fellow 10.1 owners beware of issue "brick me."

Is this updated for the whole word? I am in Doha Qatar and updated, and it seems to install and 11.2 MB file restarted etc but nothing seems to change???

I am loving the update so far. A lot of added functionality. Even brought movies to the Android Market. Anyone notice that? I did not have a movies tab before the update. I still don't have the new market though. . Seems a bit snappier and transitions feel smoother. I can't figure out how to set a password or pattern to lock my Tab though. Anyone else having this problem?i

I've managed to download it three times. Each time it has failed to update.

Edit: fourth time was the one. It did take a long time to write out the new image, though...

Is this updated for the whole word? I am in Doha Qatar and updated, and it seems to install and 11.2 MB file restarted etc but nothing seems to change?

I just want to point out that in gingerbread google made all of the windows black basically to accommodated the amoled screens... now Samsung, in touchwiz, is changing all of the windows from black to an off white! this seems backwards.

Prior to the TW update my browser would sync with Google Chrome on my PC. After the update, all of my bookmarks are gone and I have not been able to figure out how to sync again. Has anyone figured out this issue?

I want my $500 Tab back.

1. Battery life is worse by about 40%.
2. UI is terrible. Some like it but not me. What I purchased was the stock Honeycomb and it was awesome - black and hologram/blue. Now it just looks like another Apple wanna-be style clean, non-techy pile. If i wanted that, I'd have bought an iPad. iPad = Pile. Another huge UI error is the in-video navigation-bar-fade-out. There is a bright white box around it instead of the just small blue dots. So now, while watching any video i have a giant white box at the bottom. Super distracting.
3. Duplicate bloatware apps that can't be removed....really guys?
4. You can't remove this ridiculous Touchwiz once it's installed. Sigh...
5. The 5 widgets you get are not customizable and are mostly useless. Why would I want a music widget that doesn't use GoogleMusicBeta? I have a Google machine. My life is run in Google products. Should be simple logic as to how this should work.

Maybe I'm way off based guys, but if I buy an HP computer with Windows on it and I want to have just straight Windows, I can do that. Why are tablets/Android OS's different than that?

I've read that the only way to get stock Honeycomb back is to root it. If you do that, you can't get updates anymore and everything is manual (If I'm wrong, someone correct me and it might help me). Sure I could do that, but really? Why should I have to? Google should push an update and I should get it on my Google machine that happened to be built by Samsung.

Long story short, my tablet is going back to Best Buy and I'm getting my money back. I'll wait till these tablets have become a viable product that is consumer friendly.

Dont want the touchwiz apps - dont hit the little button to open them up.. The update itself is well worth it with the performance.