Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gray

So you desperately want a Galaxy Tab 10.1, but maybe white's not your thing. How about a nice metallic gray? Samsung can do that, too. And for our money, this one's where it's at. It's got a nice texture to it. And while it's a little colder in the hand, it feels a little less like a toy, and a little more professional. More distinguished, if you will.

And the best part: It's supposed to be available at the nationwide launch on June 17. Want more? Pics are after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 metallic graySamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 metallic gray

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 metallic graySamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 metallic gray

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 metallic gray

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moo53 says:

I'm with you Phil this gray has my name written all over it. Hmmm... Maybe I should get my nickname engraved in it now that would be SWEET!!!

EggoEspada says:

Looks sexy. Out of all the tablets released to date, this one seems to top all. Shame the Honeycomb apps stink. Might end up picking up this instead of the iPad 2; hoping it'll be worth it in the long run.

RnFstRuckHrd says:

Looks great! Definitely going with Grey!

elbaso says:

I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, but that backing is metal, right? Aluminum?
If it is, can I buy one for my Google I/O tab?

NDchem2014 says:

If it is metal, does it make it feel more solid then the plastic backed one? If so, I might just get one of these! :)

briankurtz79 says:

Its plastic. That's how they got the gram count down over ip2.

KwietStorm says:

Wait, so the first, "regular" one was white? I haven't actually seen it. And is this one the same price?

VCL says:

I never took to the tablets but after looking over all of them this is the one I want. I always thought a good quality netbook or small laptop would be much more functional then any tablet. Lately there are so many accessories being made for the tablet, it is giving me thoughts for a 2nd look. I'm going to have to check this one out a little deeper and maybe I might just have to buy one after all.

icebike says:

Except this one has a lot of built in limitations.

Why do you find it so attractive, when its more expensive and lacks feature and ports that other tabs with the same specs already provide?

Driven says:

Having no SD card dooms this device to anyone with a BRAIN.... MAJOR failure....

falconeight says:

Tell that to Apple

briankurtz79 says:

Tell that to nexus s owners.

bobdude5 says:

No it does not. Its the best looking, has the best screen, and is the thinnest mainstream tablet available. Plus I've had one for about 3 weeks and not once have I felt the need for an SD card. If I do run out of space which I doubt I will there's al ways the SD card adapter that will soon be available .

briankurtz79 says:

1 disagreement. The transformers screen is better. Check it.

barathn says:

Totally disagree, the differentiating factor is not just the Thickness of the device, After 3.1 Update devices perform faster that goes with ASUS/ACER. The key factor for not opting Apple product is lack of these expandability features and Restricted OS. I love android but I would choose Transformer over this because of expandability features.. U cannot carry dock everytime with U..

johncihak says:

I agree. Having both a working SD card slot, micro USB port and full size USB port on my Acer A500 is awesome. I can easily transfer files and pictures with a USB flash drive or card reader, and use just about any USB keyboard. The Logitech unified wireless keyboards are great because the USB receiver is tiny and doesn't get in the way.

The Samsung may be prettier, but its more expensive and less functional.

johncihak says:

Except for the media hype, I don't understand the big rush to being thin. It makes the device more fragile and flexible, harder to pick up, and it feels cheap. I would prefer functionality.

dchawk81 says:

For me, an SD card slot is essential. I don't care if a tablet has 500gb of internal, I can't use it without an SD card slot. And no, I'm no going to add yet another dongle to my life to get the functionality. It's simply not practical.

tommydaniel says:

I must not store as much on my phone as some of you guys. I have had no issues with the 16GB in my Nexus S 4G and I know this isn't a phone, I can't even think what I would store on here VS the Nexus..

icebike says:


Nuf said.

enemy says:


Streaming video over wifi.
Nuff said.

El Jefe says:

Try doing that if you aren't around WiFi & let us know how it works out for you. LOL!

If you never leave your house/office/familiar areas, sure streaming over WiFi works great, but I have had many occasions on flights, camping trips, & countless other times that I have been VERY GLAD to have a 32GB microSD card with some movies on it for my son.

I'm not going to say that leaving a SD card slot our makes this device a fail, but it seems kind of against the Android way to leave it out & not give US the choice to utilize it or not.

slackerjack says:

lets just hope the plants vs zombie (75mb initial install before the inevitible patches) trend doesn't keep up. I think if anything, Google needs to set app and game size restrictions to keep devs honest and not lazy when it comes to maximizing storage resources....its not all that uncommon can look to psn and xblive as models for controls on content

moo53 says:

There was a restriction and Android suffered from it severely at least in the gaming department. The only apps that will take up a lot of space are the games and unfortunately you can only suppress the data so much before it starts looking like crap. My honest opinion I don't mind if a game is 100mb or so if I'm going to get the quality as they previewed in Shadowgun.

Also this is just the way I do things, once I haven't beaten a game, if I know I'm not going to reply it I'll just uninstall it. If I want to play it again I'll just re-install it.

dcorrea78 says:

I could live without SDcard support, but no USB hosting is a deal breaker. This is obsolete before it hits the street considering the announcements made at Google I/O... Major Fail Samsung. I had every intention of buying this, but I have no intention of having to lug my laptop around with me to load up this thing with movies for my frequent trips.

moo53 says:

There will be a dongle converter for HDMI,with that said I don't see any reason why a dongle won't come with USB support. The only thing I see that you won't get is a built in SD slot which for me 32GB is enough. Since everything is going to the cloud I don't have to worry too much about taking up all my space with my multimedia content.

briankurtz79 says:

There is an adapter!

dcorrea78 says:

That so far makes no mention of USB hosting. From what I saw so far there is no way for me to hook up my 500gb move hardrive to this tablet like I can on the Iconia, or the Transformer with the dock, or even the upcoming Toshiba tablet.

dcorrea78 says:

That so far makes no mention of USB hosting. From what I saw so far there is no way for me to hook up my 500gb movie hardrive to this tablet like I can on the Iconia, or the Transformer with the dock, or even the upcoming Toshiba tablet.

*** Sorry for the double post ***

barathn says:


jonyah says:

no black?

kinster02 says:

There are two adapters available, one for an sd card and one for a usb. If you really need those ports build in maybe you are looking at the wrong tablet and should be looking at one of the others. I will definitely be getting the 8.9.

italiangspot says:

i really like this grey one ... the toshiba is coming out in july too and it has a sd slot .. dam .. so many decisions ... i need this device , ipad2, toshiba ... hand in hand review .. haha