Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO Special Edition 

News is quickly spreading that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units given away to Google IO attendees yesterday are completely unlocked and ripe for all sorts of hackery, including quick and easy rooting. If you're among the lucky few to have your hands on one of these desirable devices, all you need to do to gain root access is push a zip file over ADB, reboot into recovery mode and run your newly-transferred file.

That's it -- no trickery or black magic, just a few lines at a command prompt and your Tab is rooted. Hit the source link for the download, along with full step-by-step instructions. We'll be crossing our fingers over the next month, and hoping that retail units are just as developer-friendly as the devices handed out at IO.

Source: AllDroid


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets quick, easy root


I just want some kind of SLOT. micro SD has been the norm for mobile devices so I've been using that. I have not problem with regular SD but I think having no slot at all(and Samsung may change this, It is a special edition tablet for devs) makes it somewhat fail. The tablets samsung reintroduced had a micro SD slot so this may change.

For the simple reason that it allows for use between Android phones and tablets. The better question is why would you want two different standards for devices that share data? The max size for tablets right now is 32GB anyway so I'd rather be able to have a micro SD card that can be swapped between my Transformer and my EVO if I want to.

Not sure if they'll make the retail version more difficult to root or not but i'm not surprised that the special developer edition was so straight forward. Here's my thinking: if you're Samsung and you're giving this tablet to 5000 devs then someones gonna root it, and pretty fast. If that's the case, and what you really want is for them to be thinking up new ideas and writing new apps then why not make it as easy as possible to root. The less time spent on that the more time spent innovating these new ideas and products. I think it was a very specific, and smart, move on Samsungs part.

Man I really can't wait to get one of these... I have a rooted wifi xoom and a rooted Asus Transformer sitting 5 feet from me and all I can think about is how badly I want the 10.1. And for anyone wondering, the xoom is getting returned to costco and the transformer is up on craigslist.

I can understand why you'd get rid of the WiFi Xoom, but what didn't you like about the Transformer that had you put it on Craig's list? More importantly, what does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 do that the Transformer doesn't, that makes you want it more? Functionality? Apps? Just wondering.