Galaxy S5 launch

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale in over 125 countries on April 11, reports from ZDNet Korea suggest that the phone has enjoyed strong sales on launch day. Samsung reportedly shifted on average 1.3 times as many GS5s on April 11 as it did GS4s on its launch day, with some European countries seeing double the demand for this year's Samsung flagship.

In the UK, for example, where long lines were seen outside some newly-opened Samsung Experience Stores, launch-day sales were reportedly double that of the GS4. And demand was apparently just as strong in mainland Europe, with over 200 sales in the first hour at the Paris Samsung Store, and some 700 people gathering in Rotterdam for the GS5's launch.

A Samsung spokesperson told ZDNet Korea that far from the premium smartphone market becoming saturated as some had feared, Galaxy S5 demand was outstripping supply in some instances, with orders already reaching into the millions.

A saturated high-end smartphone market — i.e. everyone who wants an expensive handset already owning one — is a concern for the world's largest phone maker, which recently forecast a decline in operating profit.

Source: ZDNet Korea (Korean); via: PhoneArena


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Samsung Galaxy S5 reportedly enjoys strong launch-day sales


This is a great device. Anybody with slander is simply following an Internet trend. Imo the back of the device is nice! Looks alot better in person. It's also very snappy, touch wiz actually suprised me! I can honestly say I was expecting some disappointment. I thought it would be very miniscule improvements, but it's HUGE improvements coming from the s4. Battery life is the biggest upgrade. Best phone battery from a smartphone since my old school treo 700wx lol. Also the speed and fluidity is top notch. The camera is really nice also. I wish I could post pics thru the AC app. (please add) I took a few at my daughters soccer game. The photos came out gorgeous. And as far as the bezel, they don't seem to be larger, also could be because I purchased the black model. I have to say I'm impressed and more than satisfied with my GS5.

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Even though I don't own a GS5 myself, I find myself liking it more than before. TouchWiz actually is starting to look nice and more consistent, and the black model looks pretty nice with the back dimples (gold and blue are still ugly IMO) My initial impressions when I saw the press release pictures were a bit biased since the S4 was a pretty lame device (also again my opinion, due to the problems my mom has had with it being laggy until all of Samsung's advertised features are turned off) I won't be in the phone market until this fall, but who knows; maybe the GS5 will still be my top pick.

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Yes I agree with you..I cant keep my hands off my GS5! This is Samsung best phone yet..I dont miss my Note 3 at all..

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I also came from a Note 3 to the S5. TouchWiz is a vastly different experience on this phone. Sure I miss the larger screen, but this is smoother and much nicer to look at. Samsung has finally made a phone that is a joy to use from a software perspective. I'm also enamored with the camera, add the water resistance and it makes for a wonderful device. The only thing that I'm not impressed with is the fingerprint scanner. It's just a little to finicky to use as a lock screen for me. That being said, I'm really enjoying this phone. With the new TouchWiz being what it is, I'm definitely looking forward to the Note 4.

I have to agree with. Having tried the s5 at Verizon, I was left quite pleased. Tw looks nice. The phone new weight and thickness makes handling it better. The camera is superb. As someone who has owned the s2 and s4, I wouldn't be surprised if I get the s6 (assuming Samsung stays on this route).

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I went from a M7 running Android Revolution to the sgs5.

TouchWiz is awesome. The people that complain about it are probably complaining about the old TouchWiz and haven't tried this new one. It's much more subtle and not lagging. I'm very happy with the sgs5 so far.

Yeah, I really am pleased with the screenshots of the new TouchWiz. Now Samsung, take a lesson from HTC and bring the new TouchWiz to the S4......

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The Snapdragon 800 helps with that, but the Snapdragon 600 is in the S4, and my S4 runs plenty smooth.

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I can attest (having used the S4 as a daily driver for 6mos) that while a properly tuned S4 is a great phone, Samsung made a huge leap with Touchwiz in the S5. I do hope they update at least the S4 and Note 3

You're day just got a lot better because a certain corporation sells a few phones ?!

Just lost my faith in human kind (well yr comments combined with the article).

I meant it as a sarcasm :-) cause I couldn't care less if Samsung or any other company sells millions.

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Used the S4 and now the S5 now. After 2 full days on the S5 my opinion is that it's time for S4 owners to update as well.

I expected the S5 to do better than the S4. Most of my friends and coworkers have the S3, and they didn't upgrade to the S4 because they were still under the 2 yr contract. Now most of them just upgraded or will upgrade to the S5.


I like phones in the 5-5.2 range. Bigger ISN'T always better. The Note 3 is HUGE, (yes I have tried one out), and it was just too big for one handed use.

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Yeah, I'm sure it works for some people; however, it just doesn't for me. I would LOVE a GS5 with a S-Pen.......Samsung?....Anyone?....

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I played with the phone in the store. The GS4 actually looks better and has less bezel than this new GS5. I also noticed a "delay" when selecting items like the calendar, phone, app drawer, etc. Further I didn't like the way it felt in my hand and the 16GB version is the only one you can buy at the store. It feels like Samsung just phoned it in and assumed consumers would still buy it and that is sadly true.

The larger bezels are actually for water and dust resistance.

My device went through hell to send this message.

That's actually a different delay. They shouldn't be a delay when doing something that doesn't involve pressing the home button.

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It's not so much "button lag" as the phone waiting to see of you're going to press the button again. Your phone might be able to read your mind but Samsung is not there....yet.

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This phone has great internals, but not so great aesthetics in my opinion. There are some great features and would upgrade but I'm liking my note 3 a little too much.

I was in a Sprint store yesterday picking up a different phone and the amount of people in the store was shocking.I get it that the galaxy s5 is the newest iteration of the device but seriously,lines out the door and a 1 hour wait..I don't see it but I won't knock other people that do.

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Hahaha... They wanted to hear new promises cause Sprint still hasn't come through with the promises from 4 years ago.

There was a 2 hour wait at both verizon stores in my area on Friday. Went to an authorized retailer instead and got 2 of them under the BOGO deal. The phone is one of the best I have used in a while.

"Organic"? Really? This is an article on the internet, not food at Trader Joe's, wow, just wow!!!

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With all the deals available at launch.. At least here in the US, this is little surprising and perhaps even a bit deceiving.

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Great phone...looks and feel better on person...also first time ever I feel no need for nova launcher

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Went to my large local AT&T Corp store on Friday. They had to have the reps stay past their scheduled time even at late hour (7pm) there were still plenty of folks in the store.

Rep told me they had sold "most" of what they had and he thought they only had 3 black left by that time.

Congrats to all the S5 owners! I checked it out and the screen is incredible! Holding with my current devices. but I might look closer at the 32GB model when it hits.

I went and checked out both the S5 and the M8.

Both S5 models I looked at lagged, which has been the case with almost every Galaxy phone I have owned. Honestly, love the waterproofing but it ends there. The specs are decent but the phone felt so cheap.

Ended up getting the HTC One M8 and could not be happier. This is one solid phone inside and out.

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@baron you mad bro? he simply stated he got the m8 & not the s5 & your feelings got hurt cause he doesn't love Samsung as much as you do.. fanboy much?

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I've had my S4 now for nearly a full year, doesn't lag at all, runs smooth.

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I read that Samsung was offering limited (first x number of people ) deal in some city stores - buy S5 and get galaxy gear for free, desperately trying to create lines as if it's iPhone.
And all these carrier promotions going "buy 1 get 1 free" are definitely boosting sales a little too.
market for flagship smartphones is very saturated and they will do everything to maintain numbers from previous years.
Apple is the only company that doesn't have to try that hard and still outsells all the competitors.
This year's 5 inch iPhone (if true) will do some serious damage.
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Imore is that way brah, but thanks for the iPhone lesson. (That being said you're not wrong, but that's also not an earth shattering conclusion)

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I will never buy an Iphone, I'm too much of an individual to be walking around with one of those!

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Apple products are a status symbol, just like Starbucks is. You can learn a lot more in life when you observe.

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How is Starbucks a status symbol? What if people actually like to eat there? I do not see your logic.

I love all the people desperately searching for an excuse as to why the phone is selling well. Shocker guys! Maybe it's a good phone!

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My time with the m8 is coming to an end (work thing) and next up is the S5

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It's gotten to a point where even if Samsung doesn't really improve anything, it'll still sell like crazy just like the iPhone because of the brand power Samsung has now. There are lots of other Android devices that are better than it, yet they don't sell as much ... it's all marketing.

Better is subjective. But yeah, Samsung has reached that apple level where they product will sell no matter what. I think that is their goal, that the branding speaks for itself.

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I bet my ass you don't own one, because I do - and it is awesome.

And I am a smartphone whore - meaning I only buy the best and would jump from manufacturer to manufacturer in a sec.

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Better than the S5? Lol....

There may be phones that different people prefer over the S5, but there is no denying that the S5 is one of the best spec'd Android phones in 2014 so far.

1080p screen. (No, 2k resolution is not going to make Angry Birds any better, and considering there isn't a single person on earth that can tell the difference between 2k and 1080p when their phone is at normal viewing distance)

Waterproofing (No denying that it is pretty cool in case of accidental water submergence.)

16MP camera (sure, no camera just 'has' to have that many pixels, but the S5 still takes way better pictures than the M8 and most other phones)

SD card (I don't personally use one; however many people find them necessary)

Removable battery (same as above point)

Got Nexus?

Actually, it is. The GS5 is IP67 certified, which means that it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Check out the TechSmartt video.....

Got Nexus?

I was seriously debating between the S5 and the new One. I really did like you look and feel of the One, three things sold me on the S5 over the One:
Better camera quality, removable battery, and waterproofing. I came from the S III, and like many other people, passed over the S4 because I did not feel like it was enough of an upgrade . Now that I have had the S5 5 for 2 days, I am really loving and this device. Battery life is better than I expected.

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GS5 performs really well on Google Gigabit Fiber and Sprint Spark, tri-band LTE. I'm getting up to 180Mbps on Google Fiber and around 40Mbps LTE indoors at home, though I'm just a few blocks from a cellsite. The first 3 results are on Google Gigabit Fiber in KC, the second three are Sprint Spark.

BTW, more on Google Fiber here...

Does the water proof mean they will warranty cover it if it becomes damaged by water if not the water proofing means nothing.

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Plastic or not it is still the phone with the most features of any phone around. This appeals to a wide variety of people and is why other phone manufactures do not sell as many phones. That and they are excellent pieces of hardware that function well and have earned a reputation for being great phones.

What are all these features that the s5 has that no other phone has? Just curious?

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How many phones do you know of that have a removable and a micro sd card slot ? Then there are all of the software features that reviewers whine and complain about being gimmicks and bloat. While some of them may not be for one person another person may find the same ones useful. It just depends on the individual and how they use there phone. You can pick the ones you want to use and turn off the rest and there are to many to start listing them here but a couple of you tube videos should suffice to satisfy someone's curiosity.

Nicely done Samsung! Let's see what patents apple claims lead to the success of this phone

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I have the HTC One M8 and love it, but if I had the money I'd pick this up in a heartbeat. Would be switching between them so much. Probably would be on the S5 more.
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Well, I see no reason why this phone does not deserve it's sales.

It's one of the greatest phones of 2014, along with the One M8 and Xperia Z2.

I'm certain that whoever owns one is not going to be disappointed.

Of course it sold well. Samsung has quite the following, and the vibrant, bright display is hypnotizing. I just wish the design was more appealing to me.

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Isn't a great how a small minority think this phone doesn't deserve success. Guess who decides what deserve success? Mass consumers

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Being a long time gs4, 3 and 2 user. I couldn't get another samsung. I did get the htc m8 and besides the camera that that phone is awesome. I got tired of the plastic look and feel and the cartoony ui. I used the s5 and this time around I'm going with htc. If htc throws in a better cam I will stay with them next year. I said if the samsung didn't make a significant change I would leave and I did, same with iPhone .