Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging cover adds a little bulk — but it also helps you keep your GS5 topped up throughout the day

The daily chore of charging our phones is one we're all familiar with. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5, this process is a little more fiddly than most, due to the plastic flap protecting the phone's ports from water damage. Fortunately Samsung's preparing to launch a wireless charging back for the GS5 — officially dubbed the "S Charger Cover" — which allows you to place the phone on a Qi-compatible wireless charging mat and charge it without messing around with USB cables. And we've today managed to get hold of one to give it the full hands-on treatment.

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In the style of previous Samsung wireless charging kits, the Galaxy S5 wireless charging back replaces the GS5's standard back panel and connects to the phone through gold contacts, letting it charge the battery through magnetic induction. That means all you need to do to keep the phone charging is plop it on a Qi — pronounced "chee" — wireless charging pad. (There are a bunch available from

Samsung will sell its own Qi charging station designed for the GS5, but we've been using it with the Galaxy S4's wireless charging pad without issue.

As with the GS4 and Note 3, the Galaxy S5 wireless charging back adds a little heft to the phone — we measured it at around 10mm, compared to 7.6 with the standard plastic back panel. It's a noticeable change in shape, but somehow it doesn't feel quite as bulky as the GS4 did with its wireless charging accessory.

Thickness with standard and charging backs

The charging back features the same dimpled pattern as the regular one, though there are a few design differences to note besides the added thickness. If you've got an unlocked or European/Asian Galaxy S5, you'll notice the change from an embossed metallic Samsung logo to printed branding on the S Charger cover. And the slope down towards the camera and flash modules is a little different too, on account of the thicker back panel. The camera lens itself is now ever so slightly recessed into the battery door.

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging

The GS5's official wireless charging back charges at 760mA — a little more than charging over USB2 from a computer, but less than full 2 amps offered by the phone's wall charger. So if it's a quick charge you're after, you'll still want to reach for that microUSB cable, but the main purpose of wireless charging is convenience, not speed.

When the GS5 is connected to a wireless charging pad, it'll pop up a quick message to let you know it's charging.

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging

As with other wireless charging accessories, the question of whether to use the Galaxy S5's regular battery door or the charging back comes down to what kind of user you are. The only real trade-off here is a small amount of additional bulk, and while this doesn't really affect usability in any way, it's true the GS5 feels a little less sleek with the wireless charging cover. On the other hand, it's a small price to pay to avoid dealing with the fiddly plastic around the phone's USB port on a daily basis, as well as always having a fully-charged phone ready to go.

The Samsung S Charger cover for the Galaxy S5 will be available soon from


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The Samsung Galaxy S5 official wireless charging cover


Is me or.. is it that still to this day I still dont see the point of wireless charging. .

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No it isn't just you. I don't get it either. Spare battety--20$
Wireless chatging-- ~100

Doeant make sense

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Wireless charger is $30 on Amazon (or less depending on what you get). Not many phones these days have removable batteries. Once you use wireless charging, it's really painful going back. I had to switch back to my Nexus 5 and I will not be getting the OnePlus One because I missed wireless charging so much.

I did put around 100$. Sure the charger is 30 the back is 35, it is still 65$ compared to 20

Posted via Android Central App

$65 is not around not around $100, it's around $65... It's personal preference. My G2 has it built in and I love it, but I would pay $70 or more for wireless charging personally. The thicker charging back also means most cases wont fit.

How is the wireless charging equal to a spare battery?? They're completely different uses. Having a door on the USB for the S5 for the waterproofing, I'll be switching over to wireless charging for in car, on night stand, and on my desk. Not just opening the door, but since they used a USB 3.0 larger plug, it's hard to know without explicitly looking at it, which side a standard micro USB plug goes easily. If I need a fast charge, I'll plug it in. I do have a spare battery too, but that's for when the phone is out of battery. Wireless charging doesn't replace that.

I can understand that to an extent (wireless vs wired) but I have a dock and just swap batteries. Faster than having to wait for a chatge

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But, but then you have to reboot!

Seriously, I have two fake Nexus orbs (awesome) and one fake Nokia plate. Orbs $20 shipped, plate was $12 shipped. Have worked perfectly for many months. It's one of those things you'll never miss until you've had one. It's especially convenient in the office. The orb is at a nice angle to view in landscape too (or portrait for that matter). If you like to be cool, it gets a lot of attention (that I usually don't want lol). I'd probably get it for the GS5 just to have the camera recessed.

I have a wireless charger (Nexus orb that I got for like $30... it may be refurbished, I don't even remember) on my desk in my home office, and it's nice. I like being able to just pick the phone up and put it down without bothering with the USB cable, and the Timely daydream function in conjunction with the angled charger makes for a nice little desk clock. I didn't have to spring for a charging kit, because both of the phones I've used with it have had wireless charging out of the box.

That said, if you have a phone that doesn't come with wireless charging built in, or if you're paying full retail for most of the Qi chargers out there, there's absolutely no way it's worth the price.

Depends. I have grown to really like wireless charging. I use it for my Nexus at work as I just set the phone on the charging pad. At home I plug it in. It is really a nice to have. It is not a must have but a nice to have.
I kind of though it was gimmicky until I tried it and found I really liked it.

Some people find it incredibly useful. I have one but rarely use it to be honest, it is quite cool though!

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It's not about being lazy.

It is about keeping your phone water resistant. The flap makes your phone less water resistant over time.

It's also handy when you're a physician on call. When you've solved a problem with a patient at 3:15 in the morning, trying to fiddle with the USB port is really irritating. String 5 or 6 calls like that throughout the night and the frustration can really grow. For me, the $45 spent for this is money well spent.

Well, I guess you're not thinking long-term. The flap will wear out over time (every piece of hardware is only capable of so many "uses" before failing) and then you'll lose your water resistance when it breaks off or the seal gets compromised from regular use. I would personally rather leave it closed and use another charging method to ensure that doesn't happen.

Almost every single phone that has had a flap of some kind has had issues with it breaking off.

In my case, I bite my nails and actually have a difficult time at times opening the usb cover. I normally use the corner of my bank card to pop the cover open, wireless charging eliminates this.

My Verizon LG G2 doesn't have a flap. Just plug it right in. No cover, lol. I guess dust can get in without a flap ? Just wondering why LG did not put a flap over that .

If you're at your desk, you just place your phone down and it keeps you charged all day long rather than plugging and unplugging. It's just faster and easier. Same applies to your night stand.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I was not interested in wireless charging until the S5. As there are already threads on several forums, including AC, where users are reporting the USB charging door has broken off. You can use a third party receiver card, but then you risk losing your IP67 certification because the gasket on the battery door is not sealed due to the extra bulk.

The only complaint I will have is in regards to finding a case that will accommodate the wireless charging cover, that and the fact that these are still not available for purchase in the US and importing from China is a PITA!

Actually it doesn't according to others out there. It fits but it's not really protected and functional.

Doesn't wrap to the front (creating a bevel edge so your screen won't scratch if put face down. Silver front edge shows.

And additionally, buttons don't line up properly due to the thickness causing misalignment.

It's kinda like those people you see every summer... just because you can get into it, doesn't mean those pants/shirt/swimsuits... fit you.

It's great for work if u leave ur desk often and don't want to keep reaching for the power cord that's juuuust long enough to reach the outlet but barely.. Lol. As for home I'm good with just regular charging.

I have two wireless chargers at home and one at work. When it's dark its very nice to stick my phone on the puck and let it charge vs fiddling with the usb cable trying to get it plugged in. We have two N5's and a N7 that support wireless charging. It's not a mandatory feature, but it is nice. Also like others have pointed out I don't have the options to replace the battery on the fly so wireless charging is the next best thing.

I understand if you never used it b/c it seems kinda over the top. But, I must say that after owning the Palm Pre+ with wireless charging and that nice angled brick, I have missed it in my last two Android phones. What was super handy was keeping a brick on the dash of my car. Magnetic and worked as a phone mount. Super easy to take on and off when a call came in.

It's not the end of the world, but I have never understood why nobody has copied the Palm model with the nice angled brick included with charging back out of the box, Would look really attractive to fat middle consumers IMO. But, I guess its relatively expensive, and Palm did go out of business. :-/

HAHAH you obviously haven't tried getting the stupid Micro USB connector into the USB 3.0 connector on the phone in the middle of the night in the dark ??? It is seriously the worst power / charging design I have ever had on a phone. I mean, Nokia used to have a nice little round connector - you could put it in with your eyes closed. Apple have the Lightening connector that can go in any way around - again, you can do it by feel with your eyes closed. The Micro USB connector is a nightmare. I was hoping to buy the wireless charging system ASAP but now I see the case size changes meaning I can't use any of my existing cases including an expensive OtterBox.

This is what happens when Samsung promises Qi compatibility, but it becomes an afterthought. The Nexus 5 shows how a device can have the best of both appearance and functionality. There is no reason the GS5 shouldn't come with built in Qi. Let devices keep the sleek profile we bought it for and still give us full functionality.

Its just you. Ive had so many friends who've phones stopped charging because the usb port was worn out or broken. I love the wireless charging on my nexus 5.

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So this is not compatible with cases, I take it. I wish they'd just made the GS5 that thick to start with and given it a battery that would make it a full day of decent use...

Your gs5 doesn't make it a full day? I get 6+ hours of screen on time before mine drops below 10% charge. That is pretty impressive.

Yep. The GS5 doesn't include a wireless charging receiver in the stock battery cover. This is the cover you need to use it with a wireless charging pad.

I get that Samsung makes more money by selling this separate, but wireless charging should have been built into the phone in the first place.

I disagree. It doesn't make sense to do that when the majority of s5 owners will not use wireless charging. Why make consumers (or Samsung) pay more for a feature that most will not use? It's better to make it optional because then people aren't forced to pay for something they won't use and the phone will be slimmer.

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The useless heart rate monitor is hardware. I would much rather have wireless charging. Once you use wireless charging, you don't want to go back.

I agree. The camera for the heart rate monitor is unnecessary. I had in my S3 an app which measured heart rate by using the normal camera. Why does S-Health in S5 have to have own camera? Why can't it use the normal camera?

I have been using the wireless charging for a couple of weeks with a cheap receiver ordered from Dealextreme, but I just ordered the official charging cover because I'm afraid the phone isn't water proof with that cheap receiver between battery and original cover. Now it seems I have to find a new case for my S5 if that even possible. That wouldn't be a problem if the wireless charging would have been built into the phone.

For my Note 3, the wireless charging back was very large so I returned it. It also would not work with any cases I had. I found a wireless charging insert (connects to the contact point) that goes under the existing cover and leaves an almost un-noticeable hump and the phone now sits perfectly in a case. The hump is only visible if you know where to look and have no case. These backs are way too thick for me to get them.

It's good for the people that are waiting for it, but it should of been in there to start rather than gouging more money and adding millimetres.

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Maybe it's just the geek in me but wireless charging is a technology I require. I had it it with my Palm Pre and I desperately miss it with my Moto X. I have it with my Nexus 7 and it's so easy to keep it charged simply by placing it on the charger. Is wireless charging necessary? Of course not, but as a matter of convenience it's essential. At least IMHO.

Kudos to Samsung for getting this out quickly, Shame on them for not making this standard on the base cover.

Yeah, it's great for the N7. The old Nexus charging orb holds it at an ideal media-viewing angle. I'm kind of sad that they discontinued the orb. I know it was a lousy combination with the glass-backed N4, but it holds on to the soft-touch plastic of the N5 and N7 perfectly.

My number 1 reason for wireless charging is because my phone is the audio source for my car, using a USB DAC, thus the USB port is being used.

Someone should come up with a USB DAC with power built in that charges the phone as well as doing audio.

There are DACs that has that feature, but I don't want use that in my car. One more thing to charge, one more thing to turn on when I'm using it.

This is the one I'm using now.

Use Tasker to play music when the DAC is plugged in. Don't have to worry about the DAC running out of battery. Don't have to turn on/off the DAC.

Not even half the charging power, I need to phone to charge ASAP. Maybe once it's at least 1.5amp I'll consider wireless charging right now it's top low for me.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

Does it have exactly the same soft touch feel as the original cover? Because the original feels pretty good.

I really wish they would just start building it into the phones. What kills it for me is it increases the thickness of the phone which kills me putting a case on it.

I actually prefer this look with the camera lens recessed into the back instead of protruding.

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I prefer an extended battery. Unless I can use the wireless charger while away from my desk or home, it doesn't help. I need to be able to charge when I'm away from the office/house for more than 4 hours.

I assume if I have the wireless charging back, I can't use a case on my phone and charge it, correct? I'd have to take it out of the case to put it on the charging pad; or will it charge while in the case?

You are correct, it does depend on the case. The qi standard is 4cm max from the charger to the pad, so the materials of the case and the thickness may impede the use of wireless charging, but there are plenty of people who in comments and reviews of other products have stated they use cases on their phones still and it works fine.

FWIW, I've got the wireless back for my S4, and it's in a cheapy case, and it works just fine.

Your bigger issue is likely to be finding a case that will fit around the larger back.

And suddenly I'm curious about getting an S5 in the near future. Love the wireless charging on my Nexus 5, enough that it's now a feature I'm looking for in future phones.

The problem with those is they can bulge out the back of the battery door and unseal the rubber gasket, meaning you're no longer water-resistant.

Yeah. Supposedly the one I linked too is slim enough to keep the integrity of the back cover. Ill have it in a week and will know for sure.

A couple thoughts: I can actually use my phone when I am charging it via USB. Also, I guess it's nice that the wireless charging cover makes the phone lie completely flat now.

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Hmm this is nice, but im more of a hardcore user. Always doing something or the other on my phone. I am planning to get the GS5 but im not interested in wireless charging. I would like to know if there is any case that I can use which comes with a battery attached to it. So that I can charge it on the go.. And in a case factor so that it doesn't look weird. Thanks in advance.

Check amazon, also look at morphie. They had one for the s4, don't know if the did the s5. Be prepared for some sticker shock

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Canceling my order for this now. The extra bulk will likely not allow it to work with the cases I like to use. I love wireless charging with my nexus 5, but I'm not confident enough in myself to go without a case.

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Wireless charging is super dumb. I just keep a fully charged battery with me everywhere I go and it's so much more efficient & convenient than using USB cables or this overrated wireless charger...

Posted via Android Central App/My Galaxy S5

And that is your opinion while others would prefer wireless charging and others would prefer using wired methods.

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I don't understand the comparisons between carrying a spare battery vs. wireless charging; they are used for two completely different reasons. Wireless is for convenience when near a power source, such as next to the bed or at the office so you can just set it down without having to mess with plugging in the USB. Spare batteries are for when you will be away from a power source for an extended amount of time.

Same outcome, and instant gratification with the spare. I have a dock that charges a batter by itself. I rarely plug the phone in, I switch batteries and let the dead one charge while enjoying a full battery. My Note easily lasts 18 hours (more actually but 18 hours is a nice round number) so I do it once a day.
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I'd get it if it was built in.. Who would pay money for the back as well.. Plus a wireless charging base..

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The day we will be able to charge a mobile wirelessly without the need to place it on top of a charging pad will be a true progress. Until then, this wireless charging option is a must for people like me. My Galaxy S5 is my office basically, it needs to be charged 100% at all times, and the convenience of not having to plug/unplug the charging cable each time I get a call is a major plus! Think about it this way instead of saying it's useless. I found the wireless charging cover online for $29 USD...did someone find cheaper?

With a phone that has water resistant capabilities, it is dependent on the seal of the usb port. I have seen people's S5 usb port door break off... I have to remember to check and fully seal of the door... killing all water resistant capabilities. Thats when wireless QI charging is nice. I wireless charge on my car dock, and wireless charge on my Tylt dock at home. Dont have to worry about a loose or broken usb port, and I have a better chance of keeping my USB door sealed and water resistant.

At least it made the back look better now without the camera hump. So what if it's a little bulkier, the shape looks ok now. Can't wait to see the metal body prime version of the Galaxy S5.

I buy an aftermarket adapter and charging mat for less than the price of Samsung's cover and they work well. Don't bother going the official route

Anybody find a case that will work with this? Really want a wallet case for credit cards and all for my wife. But anything will do right now.

I also want to know ( because it it larger so it will not fit the "standard bumper cases from Chine ;)

So which person is willing to crowdfund a new S5 Bumper for 10K go, Go to china make the new size and get rich ;)

ps: I did read this one does fit ok with this new charger cover -> Belkin BUMPER PROTECTIVE
but maybe somebody can confirm this.

So the phone has to be laying on the charging pad? I don't get it, because I prefer a battery pack or something so I can text while my phone is charging. If the phone has to be laying on the charging pad then I really wouldn't be interested....

I also want to know ( because it it larger so it will not fit into the "standard" bumper cases from China ;)
Which person is willing to crowdfund for a new S5 Bumper? Go to china, make the right new size and get rich ;)

Selling this new S5 resized bumper, cover etc so we all can protect our expensive S5 with the wireless charger cover

ps: I did read the Belkin BUMPER PROTECTIVE should fit... but maybe somebody can confirm this.

I've just received my Pad And Cover for Wireless Charging, is the best technology i tested in recent years, at first i was thinking that the charge will take 5 or 6 hours to finish but it didn't, 2 hours and something more probably. Thanks Samsung and thanks WPC :)

Thanks for the awesome info and pics of the Samsung Charging Cover. Made my purchasing decision a lot easier when I happened to stumble on one in my local Verizon! Been using it for about 4 days now with a TechMatte Wireless Charger from Amazon and have to say I am very happy. The cover works great with the wireless charger and I only spent about 50$ for both!

So thinking forward a little, how far are we from the day when just walking around in a wireless network zone will charge your mobile? Can induction charging be made more indirect without frying the children and the eggs in the fridge? It would be pretty cool if just being at home for the time I'm asleep was enough to keep my phone charged up, without ever having to plug it into anything or lay it on a special charging mat.

I love the wireless charging. However, I have not found a phone case that fits over the slightly larger back. I tried just about everything Best Buy has in stock in the store, and asked the Samsung rep in Best Buy. He didn't even know this technology was out. He apparently called Samsung to ask what phone case they suggested and they said "just put it in a camera bag or something." Uh, that's not going to protect the phone at all when in use. Anyone have any luck with this?


Maybe if enough of us contact Otter Box or the other companies that make the covers, they will design one for use with the wireless charging back! Ask everyone you know with this phone to send an email to Otter Box to ask for one.

The issue for me is that I would love to have wireless charging because I view the USB port cover on the Galaxy S5 as something that is almost sure to fail at some point. The more I can not use it, the better. Unfortunately, my phone gets a lot of hard use as an EMT on the street all the time, and an Otter Box or similar case is an absolute must if I expect the phone to last more than about four weeks in daily use. The additional 2.4 mm of thickness that the wireless charging back adds to the phone will make it incompatible with my Otter Box defender.

Maybe if enough people go with the wireless charging, Otter Box will develop a case to fit it.

I believe it would very convenient. Now, I just need to find another protective cover that will fit over the added bulk...another $30+.

I have the wireless charger on and I have 5 cases with my 6th on the way but none fit with the back one. So what the hell am I supposed to do?? Its a wonderful thing but I NEED a cover!!

Dear All !!! I Bought Samsung Galaxy s5 from USA (Samsung Galaxy GS900V). Now its not charging. I tried my charger with another device and its working fine. Tried my battery on other phone, its working fine as well. I cant claim warranty now and I took it to a local guy, he tells me that my phone's charging IC or port is gone faulty. Can anybody help me out? One more question : Can I buy a wireless charger which samsung provides for approx 40 US$ and charge it? Does that wireless charger use any of my cable charger circuit?