GS4 Active

Water-resistant, rugged S4 priced at £494.98

U.S. carrier AT&T was first to get hold of Samsung's ruggedized, waterproof Galaxy S4 Active late last month, but now the device is starting to appear in international markets. Independent retailer Unlocked-Mobiles which is stocking the Active in the U.K. today, priced at £494.98 — a little less than the average asking price for the regular GS4.

Our own Phil Nickinson reviewed the U.S. Galaxy S4 Active yesterday, calling it "a fun, robust Android smartphone that is a serious contender for anyone looking for a high-end phone on AT&T." For more on the Active, be sure to check out the full review.

Source: Unlocked-Mobiles


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active now available SIM-free in the UK


Who gives a shit if it's not going on in the us. I'm so sick of hearing about phones that has nothing to do with us. Let's talk about an update for my s4 here in the US

Hey DA this is a global web sight. You don't like it take your azz some where else. As for your bloody update cry to your carrier.

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Well, just goes to show that you can't spell 'too ignorant' without 'tgrant'

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The readers of this international website.
A bit more community spirit would be more welcoming.
P.S. Android Central are not responsible for your updates and the readers would rather not hear about it either. Try the forums instead

If the antennas are compatible someone may want to import one and use it unlocked on T-Mobile. We in the US are just one part of the world

Tgrant think before you post.

I want this phone. thinking of trading my regular s4 for this beauty.

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