Hate to say we told you so, but ... Samsung, in Korean on its official Twitter account, says recent reports that the Galaxy S III -- which, by the way, hasn't been announced and therefore doesn't officially exist --  will be released in April are not true.

We're shocked.

Samsung also tells The Verge that it'll be announced in the first half of the year (note that it calls it the "successor to the Galaxy S II," because the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S III doesn't actually exist) and that ... WAIT! In the first half of the year but not March or April? That means May or June! Sixty-one more days for wild-ass guessing! Breaksclusive, yo!

Seriously, folks. It'll be announced when it's announced. And we'll all swoon. Promise.

Sources: @Samsung; The Verge


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Samsung Galaxy S3 is/isn't coming, Part VIII


well, hopefully this means that the S.O.C it used is based on the cortex a15, as arm says that it wont be available until Q3 to go into handsets, so hoping for quad core a15's with t604/sgx544mp2 GPU xD but thats just wild speculation on my part ;)

That's cool and all, but on the behalf of all Android users, using an Epic Touch myself, it'd be nice if you guys could light a fire under Google's ass in regards to what's up with the Nexus S 4g.

It's pretty deplorable that it's being ignored and all, despite me not even owning a Nexus myself I still find this whole situation alarming. Not so much that it hasn't been updated yet, I get it these things take time, but the mere fact that there hasn't been ANY communication by Google themselves leaves more to be desired. I mean, I don't think any of us care that there are more than over 9000 million billion Android activations a day when they can't even update or communicate that their own devices is or isn't or in in the works of being updated.


Frustrated Android users everywhere.

I agree Unibrow. How come AC has no problem questioning the OEM's method of updating older hardware, yet still hasn't breathed a single word on this issue with Google not updating it's own phones? It has been almost three months now. I am not sure what is more alarming, the fact that Google has been silent for three months, or that every Android news site (including AC) has.

The longer it takes the better i am extremely happy with my industry leading Galaxy Nexus. Samsung will do well for us within the next 4months.

As soon as Google allowed the carriers to get in between them and the end users this was exactly what was going to happen. The only way to insure you get the updates fast and directly from Google is to buy unlocked.

Pretty sure the vast majority of unlocked GSM Nexus S devices still have not been updated either. And out of the few that have a lot of those are having major issues, hence why the update was pulled. So no, I would say even buying unlocked has no worthwhile effect on Google's lack of updates, communication, and customer service.

What's with all the "calm down, it's coming" posts lately? I don't see 99% of the people bitching about this as the article would lead you to believe.

Umm..... I understand the frustration of not having an official update, but a Nexus can be updated manually. If you're complaining with a Nexus and haven't loaded a Tom, well honestly I don't have much sympathy. I know some want a clean unfettered experience, but they're out there for 50% of hardware. You just have to look for them.

So by your logic, because custom user roms exist, this completely excuses Google for ignoring their customers and providing almost no support for their Nexus devices? We should all have to void our warranties rooting our phones just so we can get a similar experience to what Google promised us with the purchase of this phone? I guess it was just me that thought buying into the "Nexus Experience" meant I wouldn't have to root to be on the latest OS version because all Nexus devices were updated before all other non Nexus devices.

The logic is that you have a choice. It's fine that you may not want to void your warranty, but let's not pretend that rooting to use a custom rom is uncommon.

Actually it is uncommon. Just because you and I hang around in the kind of areas on the net that it appears common, does not mean the average Android user has any idea what rooting is or how to do it. Besides that rooting is not a viable method precisely because it voids the manufacturers warranty. Choice is good, but custom roms are not official and are not something that is supported by Google or Samsung, hence why it voids warranty. Like I already stated we should not have to manually change our devices to unsupported software just to deliver an experience that was already promised to us when we bought this phone.

You're right, in the sense that there is a "choice." A lot of people are going to say, "I want a phone that works and is updated, I thought Android was that choice but it didn't really pan out like I thought it would." They are going to then use that choice and choose something else.

Don't get me wrong, I love Android and can't see myself going anywhere else but to put blinders on and pretend this isn't an issue is just being absolutely fanboish.

You're argument is INVALID. The vast majority of people that bought a Nexus S or Nexus S 4g got one, not because it's a developers device, but because they happened to like the phone. My wife has a nexus and she has ZERO interest in rooting and roming. Having said that, she also probably couldn't care less that her nexus doesn't have ICS at this point. She just wants her phone to work but the fact of the matter is that Google HAS NOT communicated at ALL in regards to when this device is being updated.

I'd wager that most people that got a Nexus device did so because they wanted timely updates FROM Google and a "Vanilla" experience. I know people that have gotten the Galaxy Nexus because of this that came from an iPhone. I can tell you right now, those same people will jump ship without a seconds thought if/when this happens next year.

Personally, I buy a device because of what it has/does when I buy it. I fully expect my Epic Touch to get ICS but if it didn't I knew I wasn't promised anything from Samsung, if I had a Google device and didn't hear ANYTHING since November when the first ICS devices launched I'd be HULK SMASH type angry.

It's especially troubling that we haven't heard anything from Android Central because we've heard, buy a Nexus device from here before if you want updates and then when Nexus customers don't get updates, 4 MONTHS later, we don't have anything. I almost hate to say it, but I feel like if this blew up on twitter Google would have to acknowledge the situation.

Twitter could be helpful. The same idea is being used right now on the Android G+ page. Check it out right here:

For the last week it has been completely taken over with complaints and questions regarding the Nexus series of phones, the Android OS and the complete lack of help in Google's forums. The whole thing is full up with Nexus users voicing their concerns. I have sent this information along to AC and other Android blogs. Still no story.

On topic of the larger article here...

You mean The Verge got a supposed 'scoop story' wrong? Shocking!

OK back to the Nexus debate. I always enjoy these Nexus vs. manufacturer skins/stock/update-no update arguments ;)

They told us this about a month ago but people prefer to believe unofficial sources still, not sure why.