Samsung Galaxy S2?

Galaxy S2 rumors are nothing new, but now British online retailer is listing a device labeled "Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100" along with a price, specifications and release date. MobileFun says the Galaxy S2 will be released Mar. 4 for £549.95 (~$880), and offers an intriguing spec list for the device -

  • Powerful dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Orion processor
  • Ultra sharp 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen
  • Next-generation Bluetooth 3.0
  • NFC technology for contactless payments and more
  • 1GB RAM lets you multitask with ease
  • Comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 8MP camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording with 1.3MP front-facing camera for video calls

Of course it's impossible to verify the specs or the price at this stage. However, the fact that they're appearing on a retailer's site alongside what seems to be an official promotional description of the phone gives this information a little more weight.

The Galaxy S2 is one of the many devices expected to be unveiled at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. [MobileFun]


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Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 specs and price listed in the UK


I am wondering if Samsung stepped up the build quality on this phone. Sounds like a beast though. Think they start having regular updates?.

If samsung has gingerbread they should skip froyo update and shock us all and go to gb instead. . Like that will ever happen. I'm dun with samsung

How is this set to release in March when Samsung just announced its dual core processor is going into production next month???

That's the exonys processor that going into production I think. The orion is something they've had for a little while now.

Looks awesome, if this is all true, I'll have to make this purchase later this year! That hardware with a TeamWhiskey ROM would be incredible! Here's to hoping they will support it.

Looks like a gigantic iPhone. No thanks.

AND this is when the people who have been fed up with Samsung's lack of updates suddenly say they don't care about that and want this new phone simply because of the specs. People seem to have such a short memory.

Strange, but the photo above was a mock up if I remember correctly.

Also my Samsung i9000 has always received updates from Samsung. Rocking 2.2.1 on my non rooted galaxy s and loving it.

You are in the minority then. Obviously, I am talking about Samsung phones in the USA... Samsung sucks.

You got that in the world can people seriously jump on the bandwagon here. Don't let this glamour fool you, do you really think they are going to have updates to this phone? Did we not learn this with Samsung's other phones, not just the Captivate. I don't carry if it could wash my car I will NEVER buy another Samsung phone. Can't get them to listen, hurt them where it hurts the most...their WALLET....With the lack of even a statement shows how much they care.

People should really be required to take a moron test before they are allowed to comment on this site.

It has an geyPhonish interface xD....Nice specs and i really hope to see better build quality and SW support...

It will be nice - in Europe where companies don't get free reign over consumers as bad as in the US. We still don't have 2.2 on most of the Galaxy S line here. How long has the European Galaxy S had 2.2? We are 7 months (Sprint) into our contracts without the update promised during the Galaxy S Launch shindig. That means no Flash, GPS and 4G issues (that shipped with the original release build), and that pesky bluetooth issue that I keep hearing about.

You know - I love all the new phones coming out, but, you know - I'm getting a little concerned that all these front-facing cameras are only ~1.3MP. Why are they skimping on the FFC? The only thing I can imagine is quality vs. throughput. More MP means more data which means slower connections and lagged screens. But, with 4G all around us, why is this even still a problem?

And, it couldn't be a cost issue - these things are cheap! Maybe it's pure inventory - trying to get rid of inventory and manufacturers are throwing in FREE 1.2MP Cameras with every phone! :) OK - maybe not that hokey... but, still! Come on - phones like this load up on the goodness inside then slack off on a camera? IMHO - LAME!

That's why I will never ever, ever, ever, (how many times can I write this?) Ever buy another Samsung phone. I don't care if they have the GOD processor and all the bells and whistles! They don't care about fixing or updating their phones. Once they sold their phone, you are aleady forgotten about!

Looks like a powerful phone. I just wish that Samsung would come out with timely updates for their Galaxy S line. HTC has done a lot better with releasing updates with their phones.

I'm confused... It's got one button and it appears to be running iOS. The latter can be explained by their awful interface overlay, but what's the deal with only one button? Maybe there are soft buttons, but I don't see them. :S

Nice phone. It will be interesting to see final info on this. PLEASE let this not be an AT&T EXCLUSIVE. Sprint desperately needs a phone with this class of hardware ASAP. That "Nintendo DS" phone isn't going to cut it.

All you nonrooted users I feel your pain but stop crying and going with another manufacturer..... Meanwhile us rooted users will just keep enjoying samsungs awesome Screen and hardware. Hell all most, if not all game testing like n64(not out yet but iphone has one and its running a samsung cpu), psx is done on the galaxy s phones cause they can handle it better than the rest.

All you nonrooted users I feel your pain but stop crying and going with another manufacturer..... Meanwhile us rooted users will just keep enjoying samsungs awesome Screen and hardware. Hell all most, if not all game testing like n64(not out yet but iphone has one and its running a samsung cpu), psx is done on the galaxy s phones cause they can handle it better than the rest.

You guys might blame Samsung, but I have a feeling its all the carrier bloatware that's slowing down their updates...If anything you should be bitching about your carriers.

Well, they need to bring that up with the carriers. They should tell them that it is ruining their reputation. They should come out to us poor individuals who bought the product and tell or do something! It is us that spent our hard earned money for these phones and they don't work correctly. We are locked into a two year commitment and if we want to purchase another phone, they make us pay full price! My wife has the HTC Aria, not the greatest phone but, everything works with the bloatware. Again, if it is true, that is between the two of them and we are caught in the crossfire.

I do agree that its bs they haven't updated the galaxy s1 line quicker. So when this comes out I'll sell my epic for around 250-300 on ebay, pay my 150 etf and put the rest towards the new subsidized price =X

I understand. It is just a shame that we have to resort to doing things like this. I actually like my Captivate. But, with the GPS not working and Samsung's/AT&T's lack of handling this problem, I can't see buying another Samsung phone. I can almost guarantee that a HTC or Motorola will work out of the box. Small updates and bug fixes are OK with me. But, the GPS not working really at all, to me is no excuse.

This is exactly why I cant stand Samsung phones. Why do they have to look like knock off iphones, from the hardware and the aluminum casing around the outside and the single middle button to the UI with the 4 icons at the bottom. Samsung needs to get some originality and creativity and that added with slow to no updates. Samsung is a no-go.

Aghm,anyone has looked the phone photo well.Look the screen inclination and the phone corpuse they are not at the same angle!Lol FAKE of big PS FAIL!

I hate to say it but dude is right. It does look like a big screen iPhone. At least my EVO doesn't look like an iPhone. It is a nice phone nonetheless.

samsung sucks, a buck short and a day late. now they need to learn how to support the people who bought their ssshit before its too late for them.

"Ultra sharp 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen" -- They already have the words "ultra, super, plus" describing the screen tech. Might as well add a "mega" or even "mighty".

"Ultra sharp 4.3" Super Mega-AMOLED Plus screen"
"Ultra sharp 4.3" Unbelievably-Super Mighty-Mega AMOLED PLUS screen"

It's coming soon - you better believe it.

Hey samsung that design is already taken. It's an iPhone design wanna be. Try to be creatively different on your next Piece Of Shit

I just got off the phone with a Sprint corporate "executive analyst" and she told me that my Epic4G was never sold as a 2.2 phone, no upgrade was ever promised and IF they ever get one from Samsung we'd all get it.

I know I'm not the only one who saw the marketing on this phone which was clearly sold as a 2.2 phone both in person and on the web. Like many others, I was also directly told by Sprint representatives that the update was imminent many times both before and after I got it. Shame on them to insinuate that all of us who were lied to are crazy.

All she could offer was, "I'm sorry if Sprint representatives misled you". I'm sorry, but Sprint has to honor what their people tell customers or else let them exchange the phones. I'm not sure their competition is any better and that's not important. What is important is the class action suit that's going to teach them all that they have to honor what they tell customers in order to make a sale.

Its a mock up, its not going to look like that. I seen this same pic back in october 2010. And the ORION is the same as the new proccesor, they just changed the name.

do u really think anyone in the u.s. is going to buy THIS....HELL NO! UNLESS they offer a trade-in deal I'm DONE WITH SAMSUNG !

To all those people who complain about software updates:
Honestly, I don't see why you guys would complain about that if you can just root it! (assuming that people who go on this site know how to root)

some people r afraid to root because it voids the warranty. it's a poor excuse but people actually think that & the phone is SLUGGISH ON STOCK. i'm not going into the gps fiasco. phones need 2 b fixed! ask vibrant owners how they feel about the galaxy s 4G....its what their phone should had been!

someone has clearly photoshopped an iphone 4, and not very well either. the ui is going to look exactly like that of the galaxy s since it'll run touchwiz 3.0. the specs could be right, after all they could unveil it at mwc but not release it for a few months so they have stocks of the orion cpu's to use