Even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Samsung Galaxy S will be headed to T-Mobile’s Android lineup. How do we know you ask? Well it’s simple. There’s this thing called a “media server number” which corresponds with what network the phone will be going to, and in this case the numbers match up perfectly with the big “T.”  Now, we know how anxious everybody is to get their hands on the Galaxy S’s Super-AMOLED magic, so hopefully it’s sooner than later that it receives some carrier branding and a long awaited red carpet rollout.   [via TmoNews]


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Samsung Galaxy S most likely going to T-Mobile


Why the trend for manufacturers locking their products to certain carriers. It really hust the sevice of the individual carriers when people choose them just because they carry the phone that they want.

This is the second news article stating T-mobile being the likely landing point of the Galaxy S but I thought that when the Galaxy S first passed FCC testing it had AT&T radio frequency????

Maybe I miss remembered

Yeah, but T-Mobile doesn't have any high-end Android phones at all (I don't count the Nexus One, since until recently you had to buy it through Google and you were stuck with the one voice/data plan option).

doesnt tmobiles 3g use 2100/1700????

is there any place that lists all carriers in the world and lists all their bands they accept for 3g and for talk??

Well I just hope my daughter is not too attached to her BlackBerry 8320 because she is ending up with the MyTouch 3G v1.2 that I have right now.

Before all my fellow AT&T customers start totally freaking out, remember the following stories here on Android Central:




This story posted today DOES NOT SAY that the Galaxy S is going to be exclusive to T-mobile. It just says that T-mobile is most likely getting it, along with every other carrier that may also get it. So stop freaking out and blaming AT&T for missing the boat. We know that it cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands, so there's still a decent chance that AT&T will get the Galaxy S too. If Samsung is smart, they will launch on all 4 major US carriers just exactly like AndroidCentral posted back on Apr 20th. They would make more money that way than they would by limiting the phone to just a single carrier.

You guys shouldn't feel bad. Samsung has supposedly un-Googled this phone... so it's not all it's cracked up to be. I wouldn't even consider it a real Android phone, personally. I'll stick to my N1 with Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, etc., etc., etc.

This phone has a gmail, maps and gtalk. I saw a video that had all 3 of these icons. I know that Samsung put there personal UI over Android but in the videos I have seen they said you could turn off the UI and make it look like Android.

AFAIK, Samsung struck a deal with Yahoo on all of their phones. I was only "spreading" that information based on their own news release.

Right, on all of there phones that do not have a operating system made by Google. As you can see with the Galaxy S, it has all of the google apps. Every Android Samsung so far has had Google apps so what makes you think this one is going to be any different? I don't doubt that it will have Yahoo apps on there as well but the Google stuff WILL still be there.

Considering how Samsung has treated folks with the Behold 2, I would really have to think long and hard about buying another Samsung Android-based phone.