Shut up and take my money

After what seems like an eternity of hype and pre-release buzz, today's the day you can actually (kinda) get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe. A triumphant Samsung media release announces that the phone launches in 28 countries today, though a few caveats apply.

Here in the UK, the phone will launch first at the Samsung brand store at the Westfield Stratford City shopping center this evening for pre-order customers only. A general launch is still expected for tomorrow, and according to the Twitters, English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott will be dropping by to pick up hers from noon on the 30th (hope she's not after one of those delayed pebble blues).

Wider availability is expected over the next few days -- the Carphone Warehouse will begin stocking the S III from May 31 (with a special pre-order event scheduled for the evening of the 30th at its leading London store). Meanwhile, independent retailers like Clove Technology are expecting to ship units starting June 1.

If you're picking up a Galaxy S III today, or if you've somehow already bagged one, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you go on.

Source: Samsung Korea, Pixie Lott


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Samsung Galaxy S III launches in Europe today, sorta


Just played with one in the store here (Sweden) and i must say it looks and feels much better then on pictures.

It's running perfectly smooth and the display is on pair with the One X, if not better.

There are two things I hated from the first second, one was the software, Touchwizz still looks and feels horrible, even if it's fast as hell.
The second one was the buttons, i really don't get why they wasted space with physical buttons. And if they need to have those, why not do it the right way as with the HTC One series? An menu button and no multitasking button, really?

But still, it might be just a tiny bit better then the One X :)

Got mine today for 1 Euro in Germany. Great phone but don't think it is better then the HTC One X quardcore version. But for the 1 Euro price tag it has a big advantage already and the later in the future coming lte upgrade capability because the enox chip allows lte that really will give the Galaxy 3 the Edge over the One X.

Its not out of the box but Samsubg Stated that it will be in a upgrade shortly after receive the lte update since the Enox Chip quardcore can do LTE.

Upgrade as in Hardware upgrade?
Like what Motorola did with the Xoom LTE ? You buy it & later you send it back to them so they can install the LTE chip?

Not sure they just said that it will have LTE i guess they ment as soon as an German carrier will have LTE. I think that the Galaxy S3 already has LTE since like stated before the Enox quardcore is ok with LTE unlike the Tegra 3 quardcore.

You're going to have to provide a link. That's pretty unusual, and I haven't heard it anywhere else.

It actually just say what we already know... snapdragon S4 dual core for LTE, no Exynos quad. You misunderstood

Well what I was meaning is that it says there is a lte version out and it might comes to Germany end of the year. Since Asia has it and also already cellphone providers offer lte in Germany.

There are some cool features on the Galaxy 3 like wake it up via voice comment. Lets say ur phones name is Jake. Just say wake up Jake and it does. Or if you watch a video you now can have it running at a smaller screen on the side and still write surf Facebook or whatever u want at the same time. Also it has a face recognition feature where when u read kindle for example and u dose off fall to sleep it will turn the screen off. Pretty need. Just I don't think it feels as high quality as the One X does. But other then that this is a great device.